December 2, 2020

Facebook traffic arbitrage Guide

Search for hot interests for targeting (1 phase) -The best way to find an audience for targeting is to go on Audience insights in Facebook Manager. -Google search -Your personal knowledge about the niche

To start the first phase, we will need at least 10 interests, preferably 15+ for further replacement of interests

we are looking for interests from 500k to 5m, this way Facebook will give us a much cheaper ad price

it is also advisable to have 3-5 creatives for the test (phase 1), and determine which one works best in the future for your subsequent phases

Phase #1 - Testing and Collecting information

the goal of the first phase is to collect as much information as possible while losing as little money as possible

The first phase includes the creative test
-how to test a creative/ad video correctly?
a)Create 3-5 ad groups (depending on the number of creatives/ad videos you made) with identical targeting (identical geo/gender)
b)Choose 2-4 broad and most suitable interests. ( average audience is 2-5m)
c)Important: Set geo-targeting on those countries that you plan to sell in the future
d)Set a budget of $10 for each group of ads and wait 1-2 days to compare all the creatives.

How to determine which creative works best? -the main indicators to pay attention to are: a) CPM (Cost Per 1000 impressions) - how much you pay for Facebook to show your ad to 1,000 people
b) CTR (Link Click-Through Rate) - what percentage of people out of 1000 clicked on the link
c) CPC (Cost Per Link Click) - it means how much you pay for each click on your website

  • what should you aim for?
    a) CPM < $10
    b) CTR > 1%
    c) CPC < $1

Once you've determined which creative works best, we can move on to your interests.

Launch of the first phase-interests and information collection.

-How do I launch interests?
a) Creating a company for Conversion purposes
b) for the ad group, set the goal-purchase. ( This way, we can already earn money from the very beginning + Facebook will give us much better information than if we set a different goal.)
c) IMPORTANT: Set geotargeting to the countries that you plan to sell to in the future.
d) Duplicate 10 ad groups and add to each one the hot interest that we found before.
y) we set a budget of $5-$10 per day for each ad group ($10 is recommended). And then we get $50 - $100 a day

-what next? a) we leave our 10 interests for the whole day and the next and look at the statistics. b) disable all interests that have CPC> $1, CPM > $15, CTR < 0.80% c) Look at all the interests that remain and determine those that work best. d) Replace all the interests that worked poorly with those similar to those that work best. (we use the interests that we have identified before the first phase begins.) e) Repeat the same thing on the 2nd and 3rd day. On average, we should spend $100 - $200. It all depends on the amount of information you were able to collect. It also depends on whether your first phase was profitable or not. If so, we can leave the company for a couple more days until it ceases to be profitable.

What information should be collected to move to the next phase and how much should it be?
( What is 75 VV or 95 VV -Video Plays at 75% - The number of times your video was played at 75% of its length, including plays that skipped to this point.)
a) 75% VV - at least 1,000. Preferably 1,500-2,000 IN order for our look alike audience to be more reliable and profitable. (REQUIRED)
and) 95% VV -500-700, then we can dial 75% VV using look alike.
b) 200-400 Website Visitors-then we will also be able to score more using look alike audience of 75% VV and 95% VV .
- In the next phase, we will build our profitable audiences on top of each other like a skeleton.
c) we definitely need a minimum of 1,000 75 VV as this is our first source with the most information from the original
d) If you did not have at least 2-3 purchases at the end of the 1st phase and your advertising has good indicators, then this means that you do not have a profitable product and most likely you do not have any sense to sell it further, just look for another product.

Phase 2-Scaling.

The goal of the second phase is to use the collected information for the subsequent collection of a large amount of information and potential stable earnings

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