October 12, 2020

Internet Service Provider or ISP in India – Whom to Select?

The internet service provider or ISP makes our access to the internet possible. Don’t get us wrong, no one owns the internet, but your ISP is one that has the necessary infrastructure to distribute the internet. This access is provided generally in return of a fee, which is charged on a monthly basis. Without an ISP, it would be impossible for you to do connect to the internet to do everything that you do now – stream shows, play games, shop, study or work. But who to choose? There are more than 326 ISPs in India and this makes it harder for the consumer to decide which one to opt for? Some things can make answering this question, easy. Let us look at the factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider.

What to consider when selecting an ISP in India?

Broadband technology: This is the most important factor that you need to check when opting for an ISP in India. What kind of technology do they use? How is the internet transmitted? Of course, when it comes to broadband technology, fibre optic connections are superior because of their design. The design that uses light to transmit data makes the connection superfast in terms of speed and you also get access to higher bandwidth (volume of data that can be transmitted in one go).

Geography: When it comes to ISPs, India has some big names, which are nationally present. Their national presence does not guarantee a seamless broadband connection in your locality. So, go local! Look around, ask your neighbours, check reviews, and then select the best ISP in your area.

More than plans: Every ISP will have a bouquet of plans that they offer to the consumer, but some will also offer add-on benefits that make the entire deal more value-for-money. For example, offering discounted access to Netflix or providing gaming booster packs or free trials to educational platforms. All these bundled with your existing connection makes the entire plan flexible. Some ISPs also offer malware protection at a really affordable price, which makes your internet browsing experience safer.

Customer service: You do not want to be in a position where you are facing some technical issues and you are unable to reach your internet service provider. Customer service is very important and hence, before deciding on an ISP, you should check online and your neighbours on the response time of ISPs. If they are slow and unresponsive, avoid the ISP no matter how affordable or lucrative their plans may be, it is not worth it. Select an ISP that is a fast responder, as it will help you in the longer run.

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To conclude, if you are confused which ISP in India to go for, then the above factors can help you in making a decision. Keep them in mind when you start your research and select the best ISP in your locality for your requirements. Happy hunting!