About me

    For me, travel is an opportunity to combine worlds. To escape the typical rhythm of existence and find myself in a foreign presence ways to know myself new, to go beyond the ordinary. The journey begins long before the instant of crossing this border: with dreams of a visit, looking at photographs of sights, creating your own path. And impatiently waiting for the planned date and anticipation of the occasion. Hello, my name is Curtis, I'm 35 years old. I'm a photographer, my colleagues call me that a traveler. I never sit still, I have already toured the entire world. I share my photographs about https://rove.me/ and I am delighted to collaborate. Traveling consistently brings me new emotions and impressions. I love to travel round the world! It's very intriguing and fascinating! One of the most gorgeous cities at the north-east of Great Britain is Durham. It is the administrative centre of the county of the identical name with historical castles. The weather is amazing and the breeze blows up my hair. I walk along Durham Embankment, I have a beautiful tune in my head and a camera in my hands. You understand, such an old one, by which you can see photographs right after shooting a picture of the oldest castle. I wish to find the secrets of centuries-old palaces and castles, I go thinking about how amazing this world is. And how many beautiful and amazing places I have to go about.  Traveling is the most enjoyable thing on earth. First of all, it allows us to explore the world from different sides, see different nations, study their culture and customs. Moreover, we have a opportunity to enrich our understanding of life generally and in part relating to ourselves. Traveling also offers us the chance to see new people, learn languages, try different federal dishes and boost our knowledge. That's why I'm trying to travel as frequently as possible. I have an excellent time and find out a lot about this famous and amazing landmark.   Each year, getting more mature, fantasies become adult as a man. In moments of inspiration, most individuals draw brilliant and beautiful pictures of their desires in their own imagination. Some fantasies are carried off to snowy hills or deep oceans, others fly in a balloon in their own dreams. Big hills are a large magnet for romantics and also tramps. Journey into the hills is an adventure for everybody, no matter how unpleasant and powerful the man is. To start with, it's a struggle with yourself. Conquest of the mountain is conquest of oneself, overcoming serious issues, physical and mental barriers. Stone giants are a challenge to courageous and strong folks. The Caucasus is the most gorgeous mountains. And night is a opportunity to discover the attractiveness of silent giants. Imagine complete silence, moonlight and countless stars over your head. A massive dome sprinkled with crystals that are broken. How much new and beautiful is that our planet.