January 21, 2020

Best applicant tracking systems for small companies

The term Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is used to refer to candidate tracking systems, usually for human resources departments. They consist of digital systems whose fundamental purpose is to automatically execute the selection processes. Organizations around the world receive thousands of applications for each new job offer and, to do so optimally, use these types of systems.

How ATS work

Most commonly, these applicant tracking systems are based on the use of keywords. It is the main method to establish the correspondence between the curriculum of the candidates and the needs of the job offered. These keywords must be specifically related to the characteristics of the job offer. This method is used for the digital system to establish a classification method. The functions that define employment are compared with the information offered in the curriculum of each candidate.

ATS systems perform their functions in a manner similar to Internet search engines. Their algorithms base the results offered on the number of times a certain keyword is repeated. There are also systems that are dedicated to performing syntactic and semantic analyzes. Repeated keywords and any other terms that are related to the job offer specifications can be analyzed.

Best Application Tracking Systems:

1. Taleo Recruiting:

Taleo provides recruiting software that caters to recruitment needs of all sizes of companies, from small to large. The solutions offered by this software are fully flexible and so it is useful to employ for any kind of job hiring process. It can save your lot of time and provide you with improved quality of new hires.

It also holds a special feature of assessing and collecting data about the candidate’s attitude and aptitude, which can be judged before they come for an interview. With the use of this software, you can surely hire efficient human resources for your company.

2. SmartSearch:

This is another excellent Applicant Tracking System and mainly staffing management software that enables organizations to streamline the process of hiring. It automatically imports resumes from your company’s email, performs well with Outlook and other advance computer programs, offers search function facility to search through millions of resumes and provides resuming parsing functionality.

It is highly customizable software that can allow you to create folders, configure views and craft workflows to best suit your needs. It is simple to operate software and if you opt for this then you can even reduce your company’s time that is spent on training sessions.

3. Wisestep:

Wisestep is an agile recruitment software that helps accelerate your hiring process with real-time analytics and effective artificial intelligence. The aim of Wisestep is to integrate data-driven decision making and insights into the recruitment process that assists recruiters and hiring managers to attract the right talent productively and efficiently.

The ATS solutions it offers are unique like a quick and intelligent way to search candidates, create your talent pool by capturing candidate profiles through their FREE one-click recruitment automation chrome extension and create exceptional candidate experience.

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