April 9, 2020

TOP profitable topics for Telegram channels

Profitability of a Telegram channel depends on the amount of sales it can provide. If a channel has a high advertising potential, that is, it can attract numerous sales to the advertiser, it will be in demand all the time. The number of advertisers will grow, as well as the prices of advertising. As a result, the price can go up, as long as placement of ads earns new sales for the advertiser and brings benefits to the owner.

Types of Telegram channels

Expert channels are channels dealing with a narrow subject-specific topic. For example, in Russia alone, where Telegram was first launched and then officially banned, there is a generous bunch of channels for your liking. These include channels such as Journalism (@dddjournalism), Relentless promoter (@prbezposhady), Where's the ambulance (@gde03), Child neurology (@nervos), Sport and alcohol (@sportispirt).
Collection channels are channels that mostly present someone else's content, picked over under a certain principle. Again, in Russia these are Media shitstorms (@mediasrachi), Library (@biblio), IT remote (@flfeedit), Book grill (@bookngrill), Reading for editors (@redaktoru) and many more.
Author channels are kept by celebrities on their own behalf, such as Tina Kandelaki (@tikandelaki), Kristina Potupchik (@krispotupchik), Marina Akhmedova (@marinaslovo), Sarycheva (@svarila_kompotique).
Brand and media channels, such as Health nut (@zozhnik), Yandex (@yandex), The Challenger (@thechallenger), Netology (@netology_ru). Brand channels are non-profit channels, they are used to promote the company. Media channels are used to attract traffic to the website.

If your aim is to make money on the channel, you should select from the first three categories.

Which topic to choose for making money?

- The one that is interesting for the solvent audience. The most popular and profitable topics are politics, marketing, themed blogs, and business. Channels dealing with such topics are more expensive to advertise on than, for example, adult humour channels. The reason is that the former channels attract more mature and solvent audience. This kind of audience is more understandable for the advertisers: it is pretty clear who are those people, what you can expect from them, what you should advertise to them. On the other hand, sites that publish mass content (such as adult humour) rather attract motley subscribers, who are more difficult to designate as a particular group and pick up a target product for, as well as predict their response and feedback. That's why advertising on such sites is cheaper.

- The one you know your way around. It is important to ensure that your content expert, unique and interesting. You won't gain subscribers by reposting someone else's content or rewriting run-of-the-mill articles. Moreover, such content will make the subscribers unsubscribe. The more ordinary and common the site's topic, the greater its competition and less likely that someone will ever notice your site and subscribe to it. Write on narrow topics – the ones familiar to you or the authors you've hired. To put it short, the readers should feel that you are sincere and expert, that you really know your way around the topic and can prove your point of view, as well as tell about the aspects unknown to the reader. In such a case, people will subscribe to your channel even without advertising.

- Such that you can advertise themed goods and services. For instance, if you keep a channel dedicated to sports and healthy lifestyle, you can use it to advertise sports clubs, sport nutrition and health supplements, sports clothes, dumbbells and exercise machines. Similarly, on a fashion channel you can advertise make-up and clothes. On the other hand, a movie channel will mainly present other leisure channels and websites. Even if you receive offers to advertise particular goods or services, such advertising will look out of place and can result in departure of the subscribers. That means, if you create a channel with a commercial purpose, you'd better consider everything in advance: what you can advertise there, who is the target audience of your ads, to what extent such advertising is in demand, and how much it costs.

How much is an advertising post on a channel?

According to the analytic portal TgStat, average cost of a post on Russian-speaking channels with several tens of thousands to a hundred thousand subscribers is as follows:

- technology – $75;

- economics and politics – $100;

- business and start-ups – $85;

- news and mass media – $50;

- healthcare – $55;

- travels – $40.

These prices may vary around the world, being somewhat higher in Europe and USA, and somewhat lower in Africa, but the overall trend is all the same.

How often do you publish ads?

The experts recommend that you publish 1-2 advertising posts a week, so that the readers don't develop the so-called “advertising blindness” and don't become less engaged. However, it all depends on the frequency of posting. If you publish 5-10 posts a day, you can publish ads as often as once a day.

In order to roughly estimate how much you'll earn, you need to consider all the factors and calculate the potential profitability.

Let's suppose you have a Russian healthcare channel with 40 thousand subscribers. If you publish advertising posts on 20 days in a month, you can earn about $1100. If you have the same number of subscribers on a technology channel, your profit will be about $1500, given the same occupancy rate. Finally, if you choose the topic of travels, your profit will amount to $800. Of course these are approximate figures – they depend on the quality of your content, the demand for your channel from advertisers, as well as other factors. Yet they show potential opportunities and the difference in profit depending on the selected topic.