February 5, 2020

How the advertising post in Telegram should look like?

The proper presentation of a product or a service is the key requirement for advertising in a channel or in a group. The reaction of the target audience directly depends on how interesting text is written and how relevant and appropriate are images. We will talk about the effective formats of advertising posts in Telegram and the features of each of them.

A classic ad with a unique headline. In this format, the title is given very special attention. It should be bright, catchy, able to arouse the interest of the TA. Pop-up notifications of new publications in Telegram platforms are a real chance to draw the attention of subscribers. Imagine a channel about repair: people who are subscribed to it are interested in this topic. Perhaps they want to find cheaper materials and want not to pay their workers, so they are looking for options on how to complete most of the tasks on their own. One day, users will see a post with the headline: “Low-cost wall insulation, which will save you up to 45% on heating!” This question truly bothers subscribers - they want to pay less and live in better conditions, so they will read the notification till the end. If you sell effective insulation and also tell how to install it on your own - after this advertisement you will noticeably see an increase in the orders.

Text + picture. The post should be interesting and attractive to the target audience. Tell the audience why your product or service is unique, why it will be useful for the channel's subscribers. The main thing - do not write too many letters, rarely does anyone read long texts to the end. Write briefly, but capaciously. The picture should reveal the essence of the ad and complement it, so pay special attention to it. Do not forget about the call to action at the end of the post, which will motivate users to perform the target action: go, subscribe, learn more, etc.

Personal recommendation of the author of the channel. The best format to publish an advertising post in a personal blog. A user who is subscribed to a public person is already interested in his life and trusts the author's recommendations, therefore, follower loyally perceives this type of advertising. Personal recommendations are often effective - they are more like a piece of friendly advice, rather than an advertisement. The channel’s author himself speaks about the value of a product or service. When creating a personal recommendation, do not forget that it must be maintained in the general style of the blog channel.

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