July 16, 2020


Hi, all!👋

Who are we?

We are AdGram.io - Telegram Advertising platform that can help you to buy and sell Ads in Telegram Channels and Groups.

Most of you are here because we want you to try and join our project in order to benefit from your Telegram channels.

How does it work?

You can add your Telegram channel/group to the platform and earn money for placing advertising posts. There are several advertising formats on the platform: CPP, CPC, CPM and CPA. Now we offer you CPP - Cost Per Post. Which means that you can get certain amount of money for 1 advertising post.

How to join the platform and start earning money?

1. Register on the website using authorization via Telegram

2. Add the @adgram_io_bot bot to as the administrator to your channel / chat

3. Allow AdGram bot to delete and Pin messages

4. Visit "My platforms" page and click on the button "+Add platform"

5. Fill in the blank space with the link to your telegram channel

6. On the “My platforms” page set all the settings for your channel

  • Cost of posting, ADG* (price for 1 ad placed in your channel for 48 hours)

7. Too see the available offers click on the "See offers" button near your channel

8. For example, choose the available offer "BetBooTurk // Ad 1 // CPP // Groups" by clicking on it

9. This is a public offer, therefore you need to first send request for placing an ad in your channel. After that the advertiser will either approve/reject your offer.

10. If your offer will be approved by the advertiser:

- you will get the notification in the @adgram_io_bot

- you can publish the ad by clicking the button "publish post"


- You cannot change the text of a published post

- If the post must be pinned, then you should not unpin it

- If this is a CPP offer, then the post should be in the channel 48 hours 10 minutes

- If this is a CPA / CPC / CPM offer, then you can delete the post whenever you want, payment will be made for actions committed during the placement of the advertising post

After placing money into your AdGram account, which is equal to 1USDC, or relatively speaking, $1

How can you withdraw money?

These are the available withdrawal options: