BBA in International Business

BBA in International Business is an undergraduate course that trains a student in the key concepts of business management on a global or international scale. The duration of the BBA in International Business course is 3 years and during this time, a student gains the necessary theoretical skills as well as experiential knowledge required when operating in a global business environment. The course is very relevant in a modern environment where global trade is increasing and an increasing number of businesses are finding it profitable to search for new markets and work across countries.

Program objectives

·         An international business and management program entirely delivered in English

·         Students learn in a multicultural place

·         Intensive preparation for life in the world of modern international business.


·         All classes are taught in English according to the Anglo-Saxon model

·         The pedagogy is characterized by small groups, personal work of students

·         Possibility of learning a second foreign language (German, Spanish or French) and a third foreign language (optional)

·         A faculty with a great international experience

·         The possibility to spend the first semester in the BBA third year in an American, a European, or a Japanese university.

BBA in International Business Career Options and Job Prospects

BBA in International Business is a professional course in management that has great career opportunities. However, since this is a profile that requires dealing with people and having an experience-based understanding of the market, the fresher jobs require graduates to start from scratch. The starting salary in the field can also be quite low.

However, a student will be able to explore ample career opportunities that promise good salaries and excellent job opportunities. Plus, as globalization increases and companies face new markets with new challenges, the requirements of professionals who can help companies overcome these challenges will only increase. Plus, working professionals with some experience in the field can also go for an MBA / PGD in International Business course to further increase their expertise and grab better career opportunities.

MNCs offer the best career opportunities after BBA in International Business course. Many local firms that want to start cross-country operations also stay on the lookout for professionals in the field of International Business. Given below are some of the areas where the services of a BBA in International Business graduates are required.

·         Multi-National Companies

·         Supply Chain Management Companies

·         Delivery and Logistics Firms

·         Import-Export Management Companies

·         Manufacturing and Trading Companies etc.

The job profiles open for a BBA in International Business professional include:

·         International Logistics Manager

·         International Finance Manager

·         International Distribution Manager

·         Global Business Manager

·         International Training Manager