January 30, 2020

The moreo Handmade wooden products


Moreo : The moreo entrance facade is inspired by the most beautiful and exotic bird,native to it’s land-The Peacock http://the-moreo.com


The Mission of MOREO is functionality,quality and simplicity. Moreo exclusive handcrafted wooden products are of superior quality for your home,office,hotel or restaurant and created by our designers.
we will offer you what you are looking for-elements of simply shaped design achieved by using natural colours ,Wood,bees wax and food safe oil by the hands of an artisan can become a small detail of interior,a symbol which brings happiness.wishing you an inspiration to crate a nice environment around yourselves.

The Raw Materials http://the-moreo.com

All the wood used for Moreo Design pieces is sourced as locally as possible to the workshop and is from trees which have grown in india. Most wood is bought from small independent sawmills, who either manage woodland around them or buy directly from local tree surgeons. The wood is milled and air-dried at these sawmills for a minimum of 18 months before it even comes to the workshop. Working in small batches means they are able to source more unusual and characterful pieces of timber to work with and adapt designs to make the most of the wood.

For many of the turned bowls, the tree itself has been taken down by Sean and slowly air-dried in the workshop. By working from tree to finished piece the wood is carefully used to it’s maximum advantage and any wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Process

The most important element of a Moreo Design product is that it’s made by hand – processed from rough-sawn timber or individually turned on the lathe.

All Moreo design pieces are designed to be functional as well as beautiful, and only by handling a piece throughout it’s production can you really make it ‘feel’ right – shaping the handle a little more to fit well in the hand, turning a bowl to the ‘right’ weight, or spotting those miniscule flaws before they become a problem.

At finishing stage, the oils and waxes used are carefully adapted to suit each type of timber and product. Serveware is always made to be food-safe and all boards are now made with a beeswax-free finish (suitable for vegans).

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