April 9, 2022

Presentation of the Russian archaeological expedition in Sudan


As part of an established tradition, on March, the Nubian Archaeological and Anthropological Expedition of the Moscow State University Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology and the Center for PaleoanthropologicalResearch presented the results of its next fourth season at the embassy "site". As before, such an event with a popular scientific meaning caused a noticeable response in the Russian colony.

The progress of work with the discovered new artifacts at the site of the excavations of the ancient settlement of Derakheyb, which was at one time the center of gold mining and trade in the Nubian desert, was presented by the director of the expedition A.A.Krol. In a fascinating way, he revealed the rich past of this historical heritage monument in the little-known North of modern Sudan to a wide audience.

The dedication to the archaeological history of the region was continued by N.Ya.Berezkina, a researcher at the Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology of Moscow State University, with "portraits" of representatives of the ancient and modern indigenous population of the Nubian Desert compiled on the basis of finds.

As always, Yu.P.Zaitsev, who is a member of the Nubian expedition from its first season, made a bright and memorable speech, who immersed the audience in the exciting atmosphere of archaeological research on the Crimean Peninsula and told about the unique artifacts of ancient Taurida found.