October 7, 2020

Complete Trading Development Program

Complete Trading Development Program

All courses below included in ELITE monthly package.

Foundations Course

The Foundations Course is the perfect place for the new to intermediate trader.

It was recorded in 2019, and is the most fresh and relevant information you can find.  Trading has changed a lot in the last few years, and it’s important to learn the market structure and strategies that work in today’s markets.

The course is structured to take a beginner and turn them into a full pledged expert technical analyst in 16 lessons.  While it focuses on teaching you how to trade stocks, it can be applied to any market and serves as the foundation for all of our more advanced courses.

Resources Included:

          • 16 video lessons w/ quizzes Trading journal provided Guidance to create your very own PRO trading plan Application based  
          • Detailed Course Breakdown: Lesson 1: Introduction to Equity Markets Lesson 2: Charting Software & Brokers Lesson 3: Technical Analysis Introduction Lesson 4: Market Structure Lesson 5: Support and Resistance Basics Lesson 6: Moving Averages & Fibonacci Lesson 7: Volume Profiles Lesson 8: Auction Market Theory Lesson 9: Chart Patterns Lesson 10: Candle Patterns Part One Lesson 11: Candle Patterns Part Two Lesson 12: Indicators Lesson 13: Trading Strategies Lesson 14: Risk Management Essentials Lesson 15: Creating Your Trading Plan Lesson 16: Your Development Plan