May 7, 2022

How did I get to UWC?

NC Uzbekistan

But first, I have to say a little bit about the UWC program and the difference between UWC school and another school.

UWC is a program that is gathering people around the world. And this program has its values:

  1. International and intercultural understanding
  2. Celebration of difference
  3. Personal responsibility and integrity
  4. Mutual responsibility and respect
  5. Compassion and service
  6. Respect for the environment
  7. A sense of idealism
  8. Personal challenge
  9. Action and personal example

It's not difficult to learn them because they are the keys to becoming UWCer.

UWC schools are IB schools. What does it mean? IB (International Baccalaureate®) is the education system where you choose 6 subjects that you want to study: 3 HL (high level) and 3 SL(standard level). They are teaching by international standards, and it means that subject like history is not only about your country, but about whole world history + it will be easier to apply to foreign universities.

Fun fact: if you take English subjects, in the future you will be able to don't take IELTS (or TOEFL) language exams, so you have to apply to IB school.

There are 18 UWC schools worldwide - https://www.uwc.org/schools. As you can understand, there are no huge differences between UWC schools.

After all, how to apply?

Appliction. In 2021, the application started in November and the deadline was the end of November. You will have to fill form about yourself, your school, and your contacts. Furthermore, you will have to write approximately 12 essays about your motivation, experience, challenges, etc. Don't be afraid, these essays are small: some questions that you can answer with only one sentence, 5-6 50-word essays, 3-4 100-word essays and one 400-word essay.

Test. After application our NC (national committee) sent us test. There were math and logical tests. Math is not difficult, but if you don't understand some topics, relearn them. And I highly recommend you to watch videos in YouTube about critical thinking because logical test contains this kind of questions.

Interview. If you have passed application and test, the next round is an interview. My interview was after one month. There were two funny ladies, it was nice conversation, and I have a post in my blog about them https://t.me/tea_and_cookie/267.

We created a telegram group where we gathered last UWC winners and current finalists. We was chatting, supporting each other and just having a fun.

Final. In my opinion, the scariest round. Because of the corona, our final stage was online. There were a lot of people, 23 finalists and about 10 people from NC. You will solve a global problem, have a personal interview (one more time), and play a game (big secret). And in one week we had a result. It's quite fast. You can be separated into three groups: accepted, denied, in the waitlist. I was on the waitlist. It was terrible because the percentage of becoming a student from the waitlist was approximately 0%.

However, now I am a UWCD student.

A little bit about UWCD.

I will not take a lot of time. Just photos.

That's all. Follow me in my Telegram blog.

Asilbek Ismatilloev.