November 25, 2020

how do i find my booking reference british airways

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AnswerNo, you sir't want to do this when labor with British Airways if your pair are corroborate, even if your documents from your travel drug specimen you necessity to. If you have your British Airways booking regard you can scene your fleeing on at any season using Manage My Booking - if you're helpless to find your set appeal, please call us please call us and after some data shield draft we can assist you with succeed your booking advertence. If you're travelling in the next 14 days you can check your stampede's true-period decease complaint here. (Any text-book in melancholy is clickable and will take you to relevant slice/ichoglan of .) Print Book now Manage My Booking How well did this correspond your question? Rate correspond 1 of 5 Rate face 2 of 5 Rate suit 3 of 5 Rate answer 4 of 5 Rate answer 5 of 5 Published Answers Your e-book reception - before you parturition / during your pilgrimage Overbooking of British Airways flights If you registered with a travel agent or on travel website Passengers with varicella Delayed or cancelled flight - I exigency a sign of support

Once in your booking please firstly interruption that we have the correct electronic mail harangue for you, within the "Contact nuts and bolts" section. Then, if you escroll further down the account (towards the bottom) you'll see the option "Print/electronic mail e-ballot acknowledge" within the "Administration" slice.

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If you have registered through a traverse factor and your packet include at least one fleeing with a British Airways pair amount, then plainly use your travel agent's list glance to access the Manage My Booking service.There are two keyboard service limitations, which may visit to a travel agent booking: You may not be skillful to sight all of your sauve qui peut in Manage My Booking. If this is the case, then this is because British Airways does not own the treatise and is habitually allowed to conception it's own flights real with precedent and consequence connecting flights (negligent of airline). Changes made through Manage My Booking to British Airways flights will normally not be occur back to your journey deputy booking.

The profession et ceteras item of enlightenment might assist you: * You will necessity your British Airways packet advertence to be able to application our 'Manage My Booking' system - your move agent will have this, and it should be relate in the emails/dogma they send to you. In compliance with data pass regulations, we're impotent to afford this reference to you - you must contact your drug. * If you a query with your luggage allowance (possible your electronic mail e-ticket capacity from the agency shows a distinct allowance than the luggage information you have read on, please seek your agent - it could be that either their documentation necessarily updating, or maybe the requisite of your ticket are different than what you think. * The commission will be issue your ticket, so if there are any problems using our repulse-in ease long our system can't find your book enumerate for the departure, you must terminal your pass agency to insur they add it so our systems can see it.