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What kind of heat pump best suits your space?

Beating the cold is never easy, especially when you are living in a region where it gets extremely cold. You need to have the best arrangements to keep you indoors warm and comfortable. Isolation can be a great factor to limit the heat exchange and keep the indoors warm. However, you can’t rely on isolation only. You have to make additional arrangements to keep you and your family safe from the effects of cold. Even in the offices or working spaces, you can’t get the ideal productivity if your subordinates are trying to cope with the cold temperature. Therefore, the presence of a heat pump is necessary whether you are at home or office. Heat pumps are not simple anymore, they come in various shapes and sizes these days. You have to consider the specific requirements of your space to find a suitable heat pump. Here is an overview of different kinds of heat pumps available these days:

Split Systems:

Split systems are usually wall mounted. They are ideal for keeping the optimum temperature in individual rooms and compact spaces. As mentioned earlier, split systems are designed to control the temperature in individual spaces of your indoors. You may want to keep the temperature of the children’s room comfortable. Therefore, you install a split system heat pump to address the requirements of that room only. Your own bedroom is another place where you need a comfortable temperature, so you install another one is your room as well. There will be some areas where you don’t need airconditioning like the living room, kitchen, or any other place in your home. Split systems come in two parts, one is installed outdoor and the other one in the room where you want to control the temperature. The compressor of the split system works outside and the unit delivering conditioned air in the indoors is installed in the rooms or spaces where it is needed. Most of the split systems are wall-mounted but some bigger units can stand alone as well like a cupboard. The advantages of having a split system installed are you can control the temperature of specific spaces in your home while the other one is that split systems are economical as well.

Ducted Heat Pumps:

Ducted heat pumps are an ideal solution if you want to control the temperature of your entire living or working space. Another reason for the use of ducted heat pumps is discreet look with ultimate comfort in the entire indoors. Ducted heat pumps are an all-in-one climate control solution if you want your entire home to be comfortable in terms of temperature. You just have to get a strategically positioned outdoor unit installed outside of your indoors and indoor unit embedded in the flooring or ceiling of your home. This system distributes conditioned air necessary to keep the temperature comfortable through air vents in the entire space. The advantages of ducted heat pumps include the choice of installing the system in your new home or getting a tailored one for the existing building of your home, it is hidden only air vents and grills are visible, it is not much noisy like other climate control solutions, and ducted heat pumps add value to your home.