How to Book Iberia Flight with ba miles

Guide on How To Book Iberia Flight With BA Miles!

Do you have British Airways accumulated and want to utilize the same? Then you are most welcome to get the flight reserved. And if any passenger wants Iberia airline reservations and utilizes miles as well then he can follow the steps below.

Brief Steps to Book Iberia Flights with British Airways!

  1. Passenger is required to head over to the official website of British Airways from the web browser.
  2. When the page gets displayed, he is required to tap on the “Manage” option and click “Log in to my Executive Club” option.
  3. A new screen gets displayed where the passenger is required to enter the username and password to log into the account.
  4. When the account details get displayed in front of passengers, they are required to tap on “Book a Reward Flight” and choose Iberia airline from the list.
  5. Now passengers then need to enter flight details including travel dates, cities, classes, etc and tap “Next”.
  6. From the list of flights available, passengers are required to choose anyone from the list by tapping on it.
  7. Passengers may double-check the prices and fare charges and tap “Continue”.
  8. To complete the process, he can choose “Pay using Miles” and the collected miles will be automatically deducted and the confirmation will be mailed to them over the email.

Hence, with the help of the above steps passengers can get Iberia Airlines reservations with the help of miles. In case, he has any further issues or query then he is welcomed to get in touch with respective customer service.