August 3, 2020

Top Scalability Ideas for Magento Merchants to Improve UX and Sales

Magento is one of the oldest and most popular platforms available in the market. With Magento, merchants can easily personalize their online store according to their business requirements. Also, it has a huge marketplace where merchants can get extensions to cater to the requirements of their online store. Also, Magento has huge community support of expert developers, this makes it easier for merchants to gain an extra helping hand for their business management by hiring Magento experts. However, to stay ahead of the curb this is not enough.

For gaining a competitive edge in the market, merchants must be aware of their business and must put a constant effort into expanding them. Also, without scaling the online store and providing constant improvements, it will become hard for merchants to improve their user’s experience and develop a strong brand image.

This might result in an increased bounce rate and abandoned carts as well. Also, an outdated website will make it harder for Google crawler to analyze the web page, this can hamper the site’s ranking. With this article, today we will discuss scalability ideas for Magento merchants, which they can easily adapt to for increasing their site’s traffic and sales.

Top Scalability ideas for Magento Merchants

Constant innovation and change is an important part of the process of running an online store. Because, without consistent evolution, the online store will start to look outdated, inefficient, and hard to navigate. This can create a negative effect on sales figures and profits.

To avoid this, merchants can easily expand their business in a number of ways from improving their store’s user experience to working on their marketing strategy. However, to make their efforts fruitful, merchants must be aware of their store’s and customer’s requirements. Below are a few amazing scalability ideas for Magento merchants:

1.AI-powered product recommendation: AI can aid merchants in improving their user’s experience to a great extent. As with AI’s self-learning capabilities, it can easily help merchants in learning about each customer’s behavior individually and generate product recommendations according to their buying habits. This, as a result, can aid merchants in improving their user’s navigation experience and make relevant products easily visible to them as well.

2.Data Analytics with Machine learning: Having in-depth knowledge about how every user visiting an online store behaves and interacts with that brand can be a very valuable insight for merchants. As with this data, merchants can easily understand their customer’s expectations and improvise their store according to them.

3.Headless Frontend: An attractive frontend is an important element for keeping visitors hooked with an online store. With a unique, mobile-friendly and interactive frontend merchants can easily improve their user’s experience and increase their sales. For this, Magento allows its merchants to adapt to headless architecture. As it aids them in creating a personalized storefront from scratch.

4.Progressive Web App: Without considering mCommerce, a business’s scalability is almost next to impossible. For this, Magento provides PWA studio, which can aid merchants in creating web apps that runs in the browsers of mobile users and provide them an app-like experience at the same time. This can aid merchants in making their online store accessible across every device.


Scalability is an important part of any online store. With Magento’s amazing feature scaling an online store is even easier for merchants. However, to use these features merchants must understand their business requirements and their buyer’s expectation carefully. Without a proper understanding of their business requirements, inducing mentioned above features will become very complicated. So, make a critical analysis of your online store today and expand it by including new features for channeling higher profits and sales.