March 20, 2020

Visual Studio Code: “Deploy to Azure extension

Organizations and teams that implement DevOps methodologies are continuously seeing changes in their ability to produce high-quality code. This is with shorter release times and eventually reaching a higher degree of satisfaction with their customers. This may be internal or external. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) is one of the foundations of DevOps. This consists of designing, reviewing and deploying software automatically.  Then setting up a complete CI / CD pipeline can be a complex activity. Today we are discussing Visual Studio Code and Deployment to Azure online training extension. Then this extension helps to create, build and deploy their apps in a continuous manner.

Visual studio code:

The Visual Studio Code blends the flexibility of a source code editor with efficient developer tooling, such as completing and debugging IntelliSense code. Above all, an editor gets out of the way. The delightfully frictionless process of edit-build-debug will save your time. This gives more time to execute on ideas. Deploy to Azure extension: It allows developers to auto-generate a CI / CD pipeline framework to create and deploy the app to the cloud with Azure. To deploy application code present in your local network, you can use the Deploy to Azure extension. 

You can use this extension to set up a CI / CD pipeline for any push of code. It will offer you a fully customizable, auto-generated CI / CD pipeline, specified in a YAML file configured for either GitHub Actions or Azure Pipelines. You can use the YAML file and assign tasks to create and release, which the developers can edit as needed.

Install Deploy to Azure Extension:

The deploy to the azure extension can be downloaded free in the Visual Studio Code marketplace.

Connect to Azure account from Visual studio code:

You can also directly connect your azure account with Visual studio training code. To do that deploys an Azure account extension.

Azure Account Extension:

You can add azure account by searching for an extension and adding it.

When you run the pipeline development project, the extension inspects the code of your application and creates a pipeline for your project. 

Then deploy in Visual Studio Code to Azure extension. The extension supports the generation of pipelines to deploy Node.js-based apps. It also supports the Docker file to Azure Kubernetes.

Essential Features of Visual studio code:

You may require these features to use visual studio code more efficiently.

Emmet Abbreviations:

It is a built-in shortcut to write https faster.

Integrated CLI:

VS Code provides an integrated terminal or CLI to save the switching between the windows. Simply press CNTRL +' or CMD +' to open it, and close it with the same button. In the directory that you have opened in VS Code, it will automatically open, which saves the navigation phase needed for operations in a standard terminal.

Execute and debug:

Microsoft's own "Debugger for Chrome" plugin is the best option for debugging JavaScript within the VS codeThe functionality can be very confusing. Therefore, if you want to know more, I suggest you look at the official documentation. This is a powerful device.

Benefits of visual studio code:

Ease of use:

Visual Studio Code is a lightning-quick source code editor. It is suitable for daily use. With support for hundreds of languages, VS Code lets you get syntax highlighting, bracket matching, auto-indentation, box collection, snippets. This most importantly is instantly efficient. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts, simple configuration, and shortcut mappings on the group keyboard enable you to navigate your code with ease.

For serious coding, you would also benefit from resources with a deeper understanding of code.  The Visual Studio Software provides built-in support for completing the IntelliSense code.


Customize each feature to your taste, and add any number of extensions from third parties. Most scenarios work "out of the box" without modification. VS Code is also growing alongside you, and we enable you to refine your experience to suit your specific needs. VS Code is an open-source project. This allows you to contribute to GitHub's growing and vibrant community.

Well built architecture:

Visual Studio Code architecturally incorporates the best of cloud, native, and language-specific technologies. VS Code blends Web technologies like JavaScript and Node.js with the speed and versatility of native apps. Besides, VS Code uses a tool service architecture that allows it to integrate with many of Visual Studio's power technologies, including Roslyn.