What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse Analytics is an advanced and next-generation Azure SQL data warehouse. Azure Synapse is an unlimited analytics service that equals Big Data analytics and data warehousing. It brings these two different technology tools to a single place. It gives a combined experience to manage, prepare and present data to fulfil the needs of machine learning and business intelligence.

It allows people to work with data in different places to manage and analyse it within a single service. The features of this Analytics include the integration of Power BI and Azure online training, Machine Learning.

There are few features which includes the following.

  • It’s an easy business intelligence reporting tool.
  • It easily integrates Power BI.
  • It has an environment which is free of coding.
  • It supports DevOps strategy also.
  • Azure Synapse Studio provides different tools for data professionals to prepare, store and manage data.

Value of Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics gives end-to-end Analytics solutions at large scale with cloud platform. It bridges the gap between data warehouse and data lakes. This upgraded version of Azure Synapse allows businesses to keep the data more secure, productively and quickly while sourcing data from different resources. It is proved that it can run any query in very less time comparatively others.

The highlight of this version is the integration of Synapse with Power BI and Azure Machine learning that makes better use of reporting tools and Business intelligence as well as building different models. This innovation proved that it will help to satisfy customer needs with existing products and gives security and compliance to the enterprise users very smoothly.

Azure Synapse Analytics architecture

Azure Synapse analytics is a flexible, fast and trusted cloud data warehouse. It scales and stores data flexibly and independently.

Azure Synapse has different components such as;

  • SQL Analytics (includes: SQL pool, SQL on-demand)
  • Data integration
  • Spark
  • Studio

Components of Azure Synapse

SQL Analytics is a node-based architecture that distributes processing data across different nodes.

Azure Storage

SQL analytics uses Azure analytics to store data to make the user data safe. Since the data is stored and managed by Azure online training Hyderabad Storage, it includes separate charge. The data is distributed to optimize system performance.

Control Node

Control node is the main feature of this architecture. It interacts with all the applications in the front-end. When an SQL query is submitted to SQL analytics, the C node changes it to the query that runs against the parallel distribution.

Data movement service

DMS or data movement service is a technology used for data transport between the compute nodes that provides computational power. Whenever data movement is required the DMS helps in distributing the right data into the right place.

Azure Synapse Studio

Azure synapse studio is a specialized workspace for data management, data warehousing, artificial intelligence and big data. It enables data administrators to automate the query for optimization. It is another highlight of Azure Synapse.

Azure Synapse Analytics pricing

Azure synapse Analytics is designed for large businesses like consumer goods, finance and other business segments. It includes the platforms like Big data analytics and data warehousing. It is a cloud-based solution that helps in data warehousing, integration, extraction and so on.

It doesn’t provide free trial service. It comes in paid version only. Depends upon the platform of usage like windows installation, mobile installation, cloud based service, its price varies. As the cloud platforms are increasing, most of the organizations are using these services to anticipate huge data storage problems.

Thus, the above article focuses on the different aspects of Azure Synapse analytics. It makes changes to the developer community with the changing environment. The latest version brings an evolution to the world of analytics with its different features.

The biggest highlight of this version is the integration of Apache Spark, Azure data factory and Azure data lake storage with a unified user interface. This combination gives the users to prepare and manage data very effectively. The new development in Azure synapse analytics allows integrating all the cloud products that helps in transforming results.

So, one who wants to develop his/her career in Azure and its different components, can opt for Microsoft Azure Training. Its learning will give an added advantage to the people who are into this field.