November 13, 2021

Bit.Country - METAVERSE

Bit.Country allows everyone to start their own metaverse for their people using tokens and NFT, as well as brings community participation to a new dimension in web3.0.

Each bit country has a local social token supported by our own $ NUUM token, local market and local DAO, which manages the community and makes decisions on issues such as asset supply.

Bit.Country moves traditional online interaction to another dimension in Web3.0.

It is a decentralized metaverse platform with NFT, token economy and management. Everyone can start their own metaverse with their own interchangeable or non-fungible tokens, timeline representation and three-dimensional representation of the virtual world.

Community owners, influencers and KOL can use the platform and protocol to grow and engage their audience.

Bit.Country consists of a decentralized application and blockchain network built using Substrate technologies.

The birth of Bit.Country (NUUM)

Bit.Country was acquired by co-founder Ray on January 22, 2018, when he attended the U.S. and Chinese blockchain conference in San Francisco. He felt that a decentralized paradigm would require a virtual world for a new identity and digital assets in the near future.

Since blockchain appeared, it has changed the paradigm of people; thus, a self-governing organization becomes possible, assets can exist in eternal machines, and the exchange of values can be carried out without trust without any centralized power.

In 2019, the founders planned to create a platform that would provide a new way to communicate on the 3.0 network, as well as be guided by real economy and management. That's how the following concepts were born:

  • A decentralized world governed by their community.
  • A decentralized trading platform where everyone can trade.
  • Open NFT protocol that allows you to use and trade objects in the virtual world.


There is no decentralized network that allows influential people to create their own metaverse for their fans with the management, assets and token economy.

Fans want to do more with influential people. In addition, they should NOT be punished with high gas fees. Gas prices limit the use and trading of cheap assets (e.g. NFT).

Assets should not be in the wallet only. Your NFTs deserve to show them to fans in some special place. Doesn't dust! NFTs are usually collectibles solely for possession without function. Your metaverse is home to your NFTs.

Your bit country is an autonomous machine to engage, grow and monetize your community in Web 3.0, which brings joy to your fans.

Opportunity of the century

Decentralized technologies allow you to establish new production relations in this new era. Our daily lives will include more decentralized networks.

The Internet gives us an information highway, and blockchain gives us a road of trust and value.

Productivity will increase, new needs will appear and new opportunities will appear.

Communities, organizations and influencers can now adopt digital democracy for governance, growth and prosperity. In today's world, the democratization of society has demonstrated the trend of human civilization.

It's time for organizations to give their members the opportunity to manage their future.

Design goals

We design taking into account the ease of use by classical Internet users. Spreading a decentralized paradigm to the masses in a simple and understandable manner of digesting. Start with a simple one and turn into a small owner of a country or platform member, where the true power of blockchain can manifest itself.

Our goal is to contribute first of all to the success of the community. We are creating this platform to create opportunities for new entrepreneurs. We give them the opportunity to develop the community, create new enterprises, create new services and trade assets. Creating a win-win option for the platform and its users.


The continuum is managed by the community, the topography is implemented only by voting. New potential slots are made available thanks to chain logic, depending on the number of bit countries and other platform factors.

Then the available place in Continuum is sold at auction to the participant who offered the highest price and is awarded the right to take a slot with his bit country.

As soon as the bit country is in the continuum, the currency is indicated on DEX, and the bit country begins to receive network rewards.

Bit Country (BC)

Create your country for your community. It's a mirror of your mind and culture.

Attract more people to join using rules and policies that you can set as you wish. Develop your country and monetize your community in many ways without intermediaries.


The content will belong to one of the blocks that make up the whole country. Each block has a theme that the content should adhere to. Each block can also be visualized in three-dimensional voxel form, in the three-dimensional world you can create assets in your sections.

People can easily visit neighboring blocks while inside the block, so placing related topics next to each other is favorable.

Residents can enter another dimension of the block, which is a world built in a voxel system. There, residents can build assets on the areas that belong to them.

Conceptual design of the 2D timeline and three-dimensional world of the block in the bit country


Create a currency for your country or import an existing currency and encourage people who contribute to your community.

As your community grows, your currency will grow on the stock exchange. Everyone in the community will benefit from this. Countries can be sold at auction, rewarding everyone who participated in it.


Explore countries created by other people.

Become a resident and join the community. Countries can set their own residence policy.

Some welcome everyone and even reward you for joining, while others may need to apply for a residence permit.

Property and management

Residents can earn country tokens to become owners and exercise their voting management rights.

Trading platform

Trade your NFTs with residents of the same block, member country or the entire network.

We embed a decentralized trading platform in the Substrate module. Auctions and supplies of goods will be fully decentralized and managed by a blockchain network.

Virtual application - an asset with a smart contract

Assets with smart contracts

While residents can create their assets on their own sections, smart contracts will be active, which can make transactions with residents or visitors.

There will be limitless opportunities for smart assets that residents can create for their communities.


We are building Bit.Country Chain using Substrate technologies. We are developing new modules for specific Bit.Country Chain requirements, such as token economics, market, NFT management, stacking and management.

Why substrate?

Substrate offers a ready-to-prod production blockchain solution with existing modules / pallets that can increase the productivity of developing our protocols.

Substrate technology is also the basis of Polkadot, the Bit.Country network can easily connect to the Polkadot ecosystem and benefit general security and its interoperable nature.

(C)Alekseylapshyn 2021