April 7, 2022

How to make a complete sold out on an offline dance course in less than a week using Facebook Ads

Quite an interesting case study. Interesting in two factors: the deadline was 7 days, I myself ended up going to a client's dance.

And now for the tasks. Valeria approached us with 2 tasks: to collect subscribers to the blog and a group on a basic offline strip course of 15 people.

Since time was short, I held a briefing right on the call, while I took the accesses. Yeah, that happens too!

Lera has been shooting a lot of Reels + we often promote interesting blogs through this playlist. So we took ready Reels and other dance videos and launched them on the girls living in Moscow to a wide audience. As a result, in 5 days attracted more than 160 subscribers for 0,2$

And now for the course and sales. Launched a video in the storis and Reels, used a radius of 8km from the venue training and pressed the pains of the girls who potentially would like to do this dance. The result was 199 leads at 0,7$

Base course cheque - 87$ and all seats bought. Spent - 190$, ROMI =586%.

For any questions:
Telegram: @irishakurkina
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/irisha_kurkina/