April 7, 2022

Traffic from Facebook Ads for the anti-age nutritionist

Client Julia - helps women (mostly) and men to lose weight, adjust their nutrition, helps them get on the path to a healthy life at any age. An expert in antiage methodology - teaches it on her blog.

The aim of the advertising campaign is to attract subscribers to her profile, who will then be able to buy the service.

Before the launch of targeted advertising, the blog had 5,528 subscribers, but a service was turned on to gain likes and comments + used to gain subscribers.

Lead magnet - didn't do it.

What was done before running the ad:

Competitor analysis was carried out.
Identified features of Julia's profile - antiage methodology.
Audience segmentation
Defined promotion strategy


Since before the service was used to gain involvement, and posts are really useful and were well designed, it was decided not to burden Julia with unnecessary actions and run the RK according to a secret scheme with the posts (the secrets of the settings are kept to themselves)

From the very first launch we got the strongest results (please note the CTR and click price in the highest volume adsets)

We poured traffic calmly, of course not without market fluctuations, but all the difficult moments we tried to compensate and optimize.

Let's take a look at the statistics from LiveDune:

Here I would like to note a strong outflow of subscribers, which is due to the fact that Yulia switched off the recruitment service, and, accordingly, there were unsubscribes. Over time, they ceased and we already have +93 subscribers per day (at a budget of 6,6$ per day), that is about 0,06$ per subscriber

Let's sum up the final statistics:

Spent: 278,16$

CPC - 0,02$

CTR - 4,54%

Qty of clicks: 9503

Qty of subscribers: 1855

Price per subscriber: 0,14$

Julia was pleased as 0,14$ is a great price for an expert blog, we continue cooperation + took her for production, preparing to launch an infoproduct.

For any questions:
Telegram: @manticora3