January 7, 2021

Glassware: The Protagonist of the Laboratory

Test tubes, conical flasks, beakers and beyond—laboratory glassware is one of the most iconic symbols of chemistry.

Laboratory flasks are vessels or containers which fall into the category of laboratory equipment known as glassware. In laboratory and other scientific settings, they are usually referred to only as flasks. Flasks come in several shapes and a wide range of sizes, but a common distinguishing aspect in their shapes is a more comprehensive vessel "body," and one (or sometimes more) narrower tubular sections at the top called necks have an opening at the top. Laboratory flask sizes are specified by the volume they can hold, typically in metric units such as milliliters (mL or ml) or liters (L or l). Laboratory flasks have traditionally been made of glass but can also be made of plastic.

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The laboratory flasks market has witnessed significant growth due to rising demand for the chemical industry. Moreover, the increasing R&D activities provide a huge market opportunity for the key players operating in the laboratory flasks market. However, strict government regulations are projected to hamper the overall growth of the laboratory flasks market.

Leading Companies in laboratory flasks market:

  • Aiishil International
  • Assistent
  • Atico Medical
  • Corning
  • Esel International
  • Garg Process Glass
  • Hirschmann
  • JN Sciencetech
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Warsi Laboratory Glassware

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