October 9, 2020

Types and Objectives of Intravenous Treatments by the Experts of IV Therapy Near Me

IV therapy or intravenous therapy refers to the process of supplying liquid substances directly in the vein of a person. The therapy, in this case, maybe of continuous or intermittent, where continuous administration refers to an intravenous drip. According to the experts providing IV therapy near me, intravenous routes are the fastest and the most effective ways to give fluids and medicines through the body as compared to fluids or oral medications.

Types of Intravenous Drips

Until now, the experts associated with providing IV drip in Desert Hot Springs CA have used two different types of fluids, which include the following-


Colloids have gelatin and other large insoluble molecules. These preserve a high osmotic pressure in the human blood. Moreover, as colloids consist of large particles, one cannot easily absorb them within the vascular bed. Based on the aforementioned properties of colloids, IV therapists give colloids in intravenous form to replace the lost blood, volume expansion, and maintain normal blood pressure in humans.


Crystalloids refer to aqueous solutions comprised of water-soluble molecules and mineral salts. Normal saline is a commonly used crystalline liquid given to patients via an intravenous line. As the name highlights, saline has 0.9percent concentration of sodium chloride in it. According to the experts providing IV hydration near me, the sodium chloride concentration in saline is approximately similar to its concentration in the human blood.

Hence, saline is an isotonic solution. On the other side, if a patient requires fluid replacement in a relatively large volume, doctors recommend another type of isotonic solution as Ringer’s acetate or Ringer’s lactate. Along with this, if a patient has a risk related to high sodium or low blood sugar, doctors recommend for D5W crystalloid solution, which has the only 5percent of dextrose in water.

Main Objectives of IV Therapy Treatment

Most of the doctors and hospitals involved in providing IV drip near me work with the following main objectives-

Supply of Fluids

There are many conditions when individuals fail to intake water and other essential fluids in enough volume by the mouth. In this situation, IV therapy gives relief, as it supplies the essential fluids directly from the vein of a person to boost his/her health.

Retention of Electrolyte Imbalance

Individuals may experience the problem of electrolyte imbalance because of many reasons. These are diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, and other severe diseases. Positively, by searching IV hydration near me undergoing intravenous treatment, patients easily get the essential electrolytes, minerals, and salts required for maintaining electrolyte imbalance.

Supply of Glucose, Medications, and Water-soluble Vitamins

Another main purpose of IV therapy in Desert Hot Springs CA is to provide dextrose or glucose, which is the prime fuel to help in the process of metabolism. Furthermore, in some situations, giving vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, along with certain medications orally is difficult for patients. In such situations, doctors recommend for intravenous treatment to supply the necessary medications, and water-soluble types of nutrients. Along with this, IV treatment sets up a lifeline to provide rapidly required medicines.

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