September 9, 2021

The beginning is the creation of a fan video for the TV series "The Mandalorian".

Hi! I'm creating a fan video for the TV series "The Mandalorian".

To begin with, I conducted an analysis of the target audience, that is, I found several communities for the aforementioned series and asked people who their favorite characters are, which episodes they liked the most and what their favorite color combinations are in the context of the series.

I also collected a few pictures, on the basis of which I will create a color scheme for the video, and just be inspired.

Next, I worked on the animation of the virtual camera and models, using primitive objects (cubes and spheres):

Then I replaced them with full-fledged models:

The project of this shot in the program:

I also added footage of the shooting and fragments from the series to the video. And I implemented 3D graphics in them:

Also, how it looked in the program.

Here I tracked some points in space, see the multi-colored crosses, these are them, and based on these points, I created a virtual camera:

Then I transferred these points and the virtual camera to another program and linked 3D models to them:

At the end, I exported these 3D models and added them to the video, as well as I tied a frame from the series to the points on the monitor. I also made the transition to the series through the monitor.

This is an intermediate result, we will also need to add materials for models and lighting.

In this article, I showed only a couple of frames, there will be much more of them in the video.