A motion video about Reddit.

And.. Here I am - a person with zero knowledge of motion-design and 3D program "Cinema 4D", but I will try to tell you briefly about the process of creating a video about a site that is visited by ~ 1 billion people every month. The name of this is REDDIT.

https://www.reddit.com/ (Russian reddit) is a biggest social and news site.

In this video it was decided to include the character Snoo (alien) Reddit, which is the symbol of this site, as well as its logo. This is how it looks by the artist representation.

You can see below how I made its animation using a 3D model (pre-editing it). The appearance of Snoo in scenes is an important moment, since this is a very recognizable character, symbol. Sure, a little time will be allocated for him in this video, but in these few seconds he will have time to perform a dance and do a front flip.

The site is associated with cool gags, memes, cartoonishness, so a style was chosen that roughly relevant to similar topics.

For example, a rocket flies around planets, which naturally will be textured in the future, as well as all objects in scenes.

To ensure the best visualization at the final stages of work, I will use a physically correct unbiased rendering application (i.e., the display of objects will be the most reliable, since the light is modeled in real time). A feeling of liveliness of materials and everything that happens will be created.

You might be wondering why is everything so gray and faded? It's simple - colors, light in these scenes, materials, animation - everything will be added in the future, at the next stages of work. Everything you see is a preliminary draft.

n the future, the scenes will be filled with additional objects to add mellowness to the space, it's depth, liveliness.

In the next post, considering the creation progress, I will publish new screenshots and gifs for you appreciate the progress of creating a 3d video about this popular resource.

Thanks a lot! Bye.