June 22, 2020

India- Nepal relations getting worse by Nepal's new bill

After unilaterally changing status quo of some parts of Indian Territory in Nepal’s new map, Oli’s government has proposed to amend the country’s citizenship Act. The amendment would require mean that a foreign woman married to a Nepali national would have to wait for seven years to get a naturalized citizenship.

In contrast Nepal’s main opposition parties have opposed the bill by saying it would be unconvincing for people living in Madhes as cross-border marriage is common there.

The Madheshi are residents of Terai region is located in the southern part of Nepal at the foothill of the Himalayas, near the Indian border.

Both Nepali Congress (NC) and Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) said that such provision could also affect the ‘bread and bride relations with India that Nepal has for ages.

Basically the bill is to amend the existing citizenship Act and include seven rights for a foreign woman who marries Nepali national until she gets a citizenship certificate.

Lack of citizenship certificate means that she will not be able to run any business and earn or use and sell any fixed assets, she can’t even make profit through business and can’t get involved in transaction of property of any kind.

This type of move comes when India and China are facing a standoff in Ladakh. First Nepal’s government redraws the political map through a Constitutional amendment and now the this bill in parliament could certainly jolt their relations with India.

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