January 1, 2021

Japan to become Sixth eye of Five eyes

U.S – Japan relation is all time high as Japan is ready to join the “Five Eyes” intelligance sharing and have been in debate in the world. The following action comes when U.S –China relation is at all time low.

Under an expanded “Five Eyes plus” framework, the group – which comprises Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the US – will work with Japan, France and South Korea to strengthen intelligence activities on North Korea, government sources from Japan and the US said.The framework, which does not entail full membership, will also see the eight partners exchanging information on China’s growing military muscle and newly developing areas such as outer space and cybersecurity, the sources said.

The “Five Eyes Alliance” intelligence compromoise of five English speaking countries. Its formed in 1946 when U.S and U.K signed the “U.K-U.S communication intelligence Agreement”. Later, Cannada joined the group in 1948 and New Zealand and Australia joined the group in 1956.

The recent China-U.S. rivalry and the pandemic exposed the West’s over-reliance on China’s supply chain. The Five Eyes began to discuss joint resources and critical infrastructure development.

The major hindrance for Japan’s formal inclusion would be Tokyo’s relatively underdeveloped intelligence-gathering capabilities. Hence, there could be a possibility of the leakage of some defense technologies via Japan.

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