June 13, 2020

PM Modi to interact with CM’s next week

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to interact with CM’s of 21 states /UT’s on June 16 and 17 via video conferencing. The discussion could be regarding the increase in total COVID-19 cases and the measures everyone has to take to not let the numbers get out of hand.

As of 13th June total number of registered cases in India are 3, 08,993 and 8884 deaths have been registered. With the highest one day spike recorded at 11458 cases, India currently ranks 4th in world in terms of corona virus cases behind US, Brazil and Russia.

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases with total of 101141 confirmed cases with 3717 deaths until now. Mumbai and Pune have become hot spots for COVID cases in the state as the rate doesn’t look to be decreasing any time soon.

In recent weeks the national capital has seen major rise in COVID cases and deaths. With 36,824 total confirmed cases and 1,214 deaths registered this could be another talking point for the PM.

Other than the pandemic there could be various talking points regarding the current state of the economy. Earlier the lockdown was partially removed in order to revive the markets, but due public negligence and disregard the numbers are also doubling at a faster rate.

There have been talks about imposing a second nationwide lockdown among the masses as India prepares for the real battle against the Corona Virus.

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