December 30, 2020

College student ends life after woman threatens to reveal Illicit relationship

A second year B.Com student committed sucide in Pune’s Koyali village after his Facebook friend threatened him and demanded money for being in a physical relationship. Police officials said that deceased Aakash Dadabhau Pokale and Sangeeta alias Priya Rajendra Deshmukh (36)were neighbours but didn’t know until he met her.

According to the officials Sangeeta lured him into a physical relationship and later demanded money for it and blackmailed him that she would tell his parents about their relationship.

Alandi police arrested Sangeeta after a complaint by Akash’s sister. A case of accidental death was registered but after further investigation of Akash cell details and chat history it shows the case of blackmail.

According to police, Aakash had slipped into depression after meeting Sangeeta. Before ending his life, he had called his sister and narrated her about his relationship with the woman.

In her complaint, Harshada claimed that the accused is married and took advantage of the situation. “She befriended Aakash on Facebook and started chatting with him via Facebook Messenger. On several days, she lured him into having sexual relations with her. Later, Sangeeta started demanding money from Aakash and threatened to defame him if he did not pay,” the complaint stated.

Upon checking the chat details on Aakash’s mobile phone, the police found that Sangeeta had blackmailed him to continue the physical relationship and even asked for money.

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