June 17, 2020

India Wants peace but can give befitting reply if provoked: Says PM Modi as tensions with China escalates

In the worst flare-up on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in more than five decades, 20 Indian Army personnel, including the commanding officer of 16 Bihar Regiment, were martyred on Monday night in the violent face-off with Chinese troops in the Galwan valley of Ladakh.

The causality on the Chinese side is still uncertain, as PLA has not yet given any details till now. But quoting sources ANI has said on its Twitter handle that casualty is around 43 on the Chinese side.

The escalation on the Galwan valley is said to have begun after the Chinese soldiers entered the Indian side of LAC even though the LAC in Galwan Valley was never disputed by the two sides. When Colonel B Santosh Babu of 16 Bihar regiment, who was monitoring this process, noticed that a Chinese camp was still existing in the area, he went to get it removed. This soon led to blows and fistcuffs being exchanged, resulting in deaths and injuries on both sides.

This is the major setback for the talks happening between the two countries to deescalate the tension on the Ladakh border. India has blamed China for the border clash that New Delhi says could have been avoided had the Chinese soldiers followed the agreement between the two countries and not tried to unilaterally change the status quo in the Galwan region.

In his first remark on the Galwan valley Incident PM Modi has said India wants peace but is capable of giving a befitting reply if provoked, he further added that India’s constant effort has been that “our differences should not become our disputes”. Honoring the brave soldiers he said that “The country will be proud to know that they died after they killed their adversaries (Desh ko Is baat par garv hoga ki vae maarte, maarte, maren hai),"

Now due to Chinese aggression, the situation is unlikely to be cooled down and there is no solution yet in sight. That said, the government will likely place the armed forces on full alert, moving some of them forward for an early response in case of any eventuality.

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