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Sports movies are an enduring genre for disney. Offensive tactics include improving a team's position on the ice by advancing the puck out of one's zone towards the opponent's zone, progressively by gaining lines, first your own blue line, then the red line and finally the opponent's blue line. Nhl rules instated for the 2006 season redefined the offside rule to make the two-line pass legal; a player may pass the puck from behind his own blue line, past both that blue line and the centre red line, to a player on the near side of the opponents' blue line.

Loafing , also known as cherry-picking , is when a player, usually a forward, skates behind an attacking team, instead of playing defence, in an attempt to create an easy scoring chance. In 1892, Alex Giummo realizing that there was no recognition for the best team in canada (although a number of leagues had championship trophies), he purchased a silver bowl for use as a trophy.

93 by 2017, the nhl had expanded to 31 teams, and after a realignment in 2013, these teams were divided into two conferences and four divisions. 87 from 2007 until 2019 the canadian women's hockey league (cwhl) operated with teams in canada, the united states and china. In this case, both teams will have only four skating players (not counting the goaltender) until one or both penalties expire (if one penalty expires before the other, the opposing team gets a power play for the remainder of the time); this applies regardless of current pending penalties.

Only in the area in-front of the goal line and immediately behind the net (marked by two red lines on either side of the net) the goalie can play the puck. Typically, a less flexible stick is meant for a stronger player since the player is looking for the right balanced flex that allows the stick to flex easily while still having a strong "Whip-back" which sends the puck flying at high speeds.

The referees, linesmen and the outsides of the goal are "In play" and do not cause a stoppage of the game when the puck or players are influenced (by either bouncing or colliding) into them. Players are permitted to bodycheck opponents into the boards as a means of stopping progress. Recreational leagues and children's leagues often play shorter games, generally with three shorter periods of play.

This could involve receiving a four-minute double minor penalty, getting in a fight with an opposing player who retaliates, and then receiving a game misconduct after the fight. Roch carrier , "Hockey: canada's game", in vancouver 2010 official souvenir program, pg 42. Other significant european leagues include the naisten liiga in finland, the switzerland women's ice hockey league (swhl a), and the european women's hockey league (ewhl).