November 2, 2020

What Type of Stationery Folders?

Stationery folders are indispensable when it comes to organizing, storing or transporting documents, drawings, photographs, notes, creative works, school, student notebooks and other papers. This practical tool is often used to organize or structure material. The denser the cover of the folder, the more reliably the contents are protected from moisture, dust, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage.

Folders with prints cheer up

Elite folders of the premium category, first of all, are considered as an image addition to the corporate identity of the company, a demonstration of its prestige, and only then as a means of storing information.

Distinctive folder options Functionality
Folders have many varieties, the functionality of which is maximally adapted to certain consumer requirements. For archival storage of documents - folders with ties, for current business management - binders and recorders, for moving - folders with pens, etc.

The design of each folder significantly affects its cost and meets its functional purpose. There are folders, glued from several parts and one-piece, with various clamping mechanisms made of steel (as, for example, plastic binders ), plastic or thin sheet metal, on rings or springs. Some types of folders contain transparent files or plastic pockets. Ribbons, buttons, Velcro, zippers, elastic bands, zippers, latches are used as fasteners.

The color palette of stationery folders is unlimited: here you can find solid and printed, strict formal and juicy catchy colors, neon shades, chameleon colors and metallic sheen. Transparent folders with a glossy or matte surface are also relevant.

Plastic envelope folder - ideal case for small papers - bills, receipts, cards

Folders can contain ready-made inscriptions, greeting or business, logos, emblems, distinctive corporate or government signs. Application methods - flexo printing, embossing, silk screen printing.

Manufacturing material
In the production of folders, recycled cardboard, pressed cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard, bumvinyl, calico, natural and artificial leather, plastic, polyvinyl chloride and other modern materials of organic and synthetic origin are used. Covering the cover with laminate improves the appearance of the folder, increases its strength and durability.

Congratulatory address folders have a more elegant look both inside and out. Their cover can be velvet, satin, silk, etc.

Ring binder without clamping plate

Stationery folders are made in various formats, suitable in size for storing documents in the A5, A4, A3, A2 format. The A4 format is most in demand - it is used by about 98% of the target audience.

Each type of folder is designed for a certain volume, so the width of the spine ranges from 0.5 to 18 cm.

Registrar folder
Massive filing binders with an arched clamping mechanism, a rigid frame and a metal frame along the bottom edge, located on tables and shelves in an upright position without additional support. They are intended for long-term current storage of a large amount of information. Documents are quickly flipped and scrolled, adding and removing sheets is simple and easy.

Recorders are one of the most popular types of stationery folders

For convenience and navigation, separators are used in the registrar folders. There is a hole on the spine of the recorders, thanks to which the folder can be easily removed from the tight row, as well as a transparent plastic pocket for marking the contents.

Spring binders
The rigid frame of the plastic folder is provided with a sturdy steel binder with spring clips. Their length allows you to string a large number of perforated and regular sheets, which is limited only by the width of the folder spine. It is one of the most durable types of binder and is in high consumer demand.

Corner binders - a simple and elegant solution

Folder tablet
The folder-tablet can be double, with a closing cover, or single. Has a steel or plastic pressure clip along the top edge that secures the paper - it is convenient for the presenter to view information by turning the sheets over. Has a rigid enough base so that you can write and draw on weight.

Tablet convenient for off-site meetings

File folder
Typically, screw folders with hardcover files are used to present catalogs and restaurant menus - you can put the required number of sheets into them, changing them as needed. Corner pockets for brochures or business cards can also be glued to the inside of the cover.

Briefcase folder
Durable plastic folders with handles and clasp look like a briefcase - a convenient option for business trips around town. Inside they have several compartments, thanks to which the documentation can be divided into categories. Even the smallest documents - receipts, receipts, tickets, etc., will be safely stored in such a folder.

The range of plastic portfolio folders is truly limitless

Folder with elastic
The top cover of a beautiful, reliable and practical folder is tightly pressed with elastic bands - two corner or one vertical. This type of fasteners is elementary, even a child can handle it, therefore most student folders have a fastener with elastic bands.

Ring binder
High-quality durable plastic binders with steel holders in the form of two or four rings without a clamping bar are another popular type of office binder. The very robust fastening method ensures secure storage, as well as quick insertion and removal of sheets from the case.