October 12, 2020

Why your Company Needs Video Ads in 2020?

2020 was named the year of video marketing by Professional Artist Magazine and several other sources. Every year, companies are starting to use video marketing tools more and more often, creating ads, training videos, blogs, Instagram Stories and more.

Still, according to a study by a large international production company, 82% of consumers indicated that they prefer publishing with video to other types of content on social networks. Video content gets 12 times more shares than posts with integrated images and text. In addition, the use of temporary video content (as in Snapchat or Instagram Stories) is growing at a breakneck pace, which, while having less reach, boasts much higher levels of engagement.

Video content is especially popular on the Internet, the placement of which is more profitable for companies than placement on television or outdoor screens. Most often, companies create profiles on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte) and video hosting (Youtube, Vimeo). This is how companies are able to maintain a high level of customer engagement by getting feedback from them, sharing the latest news about the company and, of course, promoting their own products.

Such marketing trends spread throughout the world, including Russia. In our latest annual industry report on the state, trends and prospects of the Internet in Russia, leading Russian analysts share proven statistics from hundreds of studies. We would like to share some conclusions regarding video marketing redleos.com/video-production-services/:

- Although television remains the largest media for advertising distribution, the Internet showed the highest growth dynamics - 21%, and the volume of the media market reached 136 billion rubles.

- The volume of video advertising on the Internet reached 5.5 billion rubles, showing an increase of 23.6% compared to last year.

- Today online video has an audience equivalent to 47% of the population

- Daily videos are watched by 44% of viewers, every week - 36%, every month - 15%, and less often than once a month - only 5%.

- Videos are watched almost equally from a laptop or desktop computer, as well as from mobile devices (61%, 58% and 57%, respectively)

- The audience of the Internet has reached 87 million people, which is 71% of the total population of the country. Moreover, in the age group from 12 to 44, the percentage of presence is the highest (from 85 to 96%)

- The fastest growing use of smartphones on the Internet (+ 15%), which reached 46% of the total Internet audience.

- Vkontakte (73.8% of users - 19.4 million people), Facebook (47.2% - 12.4 million people), Instagram (43.2% - 11.3 million people) are placed in the top social networks in Russia. people) and Odnoklassniki (42.1% - 11 million people)

All this information taken together makes it clear that video marketing is now experiencing a stage of active growth tengaged.com/blog/maxxwell/9261199/giveaways-identity-what-makes-brand-brand, which makes the promotion of the company in this way - an extremely profitable (and even practically necessary in a modern competitive environment) marketing strategy.

Therefore, we strongly advise you not to waste time and master this promising multifunctional promotion tool.