📲 Detailed instructions 🛍 How to order with Aliexpress Hidden link

Screenshots are also attached if you need a visual step-by-step guide.

Aliexpress HIDDEN LINK for payment

- This means you will see other products on Aliexpress.

- For getting the desired products you have to follow the PRODUCT CODE and Color number from product picture.

Don't worry, the seller knows what you are ordering using the Product code and Color number.

Seller hide brand goods under another type of products because it's not allowed to sell brands in AliExpress without license. Big fine for this.

Also the seller's shop will be closed

For new user!!! You need create Aliexpress account

And before registering, use the link to get $19 discount couponsCopy and paste link to your browser


Then tap register


Aliexpress has 75-day buyer protection now, it delays your payment on its own account, and the seller receives money only after you receive the parcel, and you are satisfied. And you confirm receipt of the parcel. 


It seems that there are no more problems with orders through the Aliexpress App.
So you can just click on the payment link, it will take you directly to the product page on the Aliexpress App and you can place orders as usual.

In the Facebook group you will find a payment link in my comment under the product post. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the product page on the Aliexpress App

➡️ Choose anything on Product option

➡️ Click “Buy now” button. Don’t add to cart, because links to branded products quickly become unavailable

❗️Make sure you Sign in to your account and don't create a new one

➡️ Send code “INESSA + Product Code-color number” in “Message for  the seller” on the final checkout screen

➡️ Click “Pay now” button

➡️ Once you have placed your order, write to me @InessTi on Telegram or on Facebook your order ID and product code so that I can check with the seller or better send screenshot your order page.

Here you can also check whether the message to the seller is attached to the order

Your payment will be verified then. If successful, you will receive an Order number via email right away.

About Delivery
During the order processing time (1-9 days) you will receive a tracking number of your parcel from the seller (you can see it on the order page- Delivery information) and can follow the movement on the site https://m.17track.net/en or https://postal.ninja/en.

So that Aliexpress does not check your parcel, the seller may put the wrong tracking number, and the correct one will send you in message on Aliexpress

Delivery time with epacket -- 4-6 weeks.
Mirror quality has expedited delivery (DHL or EMS) -- 10-14 days

Aliexpress usually displays the wrong delivery time of your parcel, so it is better to check the movement of your parcel on the sites I wrote above


📝 Rules for HIDDEN link:

❌ Don’t message seller and don’t write brand name, logo on AliExpress

❌ Don’t leave real photos in the feedback, only 5⭐️ !!! 

❌ Don’t open dispute.

❗️If you have question or made an order please let me know


If you did something wrong, you can cancel the order.
The seller will confirm this and you will receive your money back within 3-21 days