February 12, 2021

The 8 best business card boxes tips that you have ever read

Description: Business cards are a vital part of your networking in the market so, it is essential to choose some packaging to protect them from any harm. Business card boxes are the perfect option to protect them and present them in an attractive manner. Bux board, eco-friendly kraft stock, and corrugated cardboard are used to make them strong. Die-cutting, scoring, gluing, and foiling is used to give them an attractive shape. The embossing technique makes the displayed logo quite attractive and prominent. Modern printing technologies help to get high-quality prints in desired colors with the help of PMS and CMYK color schemes. Business card boxes have become an essential need for businesses to keep in their offices. They are quite efficient to hold the business cards of a company to present to their clients. Often companies also have to store these cards of their clients to contact them later. It becomes very easy to arrange them so that they could find them easily. They have become an attention-grabbing tool for companies. Here are some tips to make them more attractive and useful.

Choose the finest material

Business cards are made of very fragile material and need better safety to resist the different influencing factors. Environmental conditions like moisture and dust are the most influencing factors that can diminish their quality. Cardboard business card boxes can protect them better. Cardboard materials have a strong resistance against all these factors. Choosing a low-quality material can allow these factors to influence quality. A better material like cardboard increases the lifetime of both cards and these boxes. You can use them for a longer duration because of this phenomenon while maintaining their original shape and elegance.

Display logo uniquely

An advantage that you can take from the specially designed packaging having printed business cards is a display of information about your firm. Though these cards have detailed information about companies, however associating these specially designed boxes with companies can increase the branding influence even more.

A logo is an identity that can represent a firm on every platform. Displaying it prominently can influence clients when they see your personalization in every aspect. It will give a professional look in front of business stakeholders and clients. Embossing and debossing techniques are quite effective in displaying them.

Choose a unique opening style

Though a lot of options can be incorporated into these custom boxes, a unique opening style can bring more versatility to them. People love such firms that are creative and innovative in every aspect linked to their business operations. While having a discussion with people, this technique can come in very handy to impress them with your creativity. There are a lot of design options to get them manufactured. A box with a separate lid and base looks quite attractive while picking a card from it. Sleeve packaging is also very useful along traditional designs to increase the charisma of this process.

Apply stylish embellishments

The use of some fancy embellishments gives the printed business card boxes a fascinating look. It is quite essential to present everything in a decent manner in your office to win a deal from prospects. The use of some fancy embellishments like velvet lamination appeals to people visiting your office in the first look. Gloss, matte, and UV coatings also give them a smooth and perfect look and increase the life of printed content also. You can also some additional add-ons to impress people by placing them prominently on your desk.

Make the base a cardholder

Normally there are two purposes of using custom printed boxes to store the cards. One is to preserve yours that you present your clients to stay in touch with you in case of any query, and the second is to store the cards of visitors to stay connected with them.

It is essential to separate the cards of visitors to find them easily in case of emergency contact with them. For this purpose, making the base a perfect cardholder will benefit a lot. It helps to keep them in an arranged format and brings much ease to find them easily when needed.

Select colors wisely

Colors can play a vital role in making the printed business card boxes more beautiful and influential. Catchy colors also make the printed content prominent and easy to read. However, there are some aspects to consider while choosing the colors for these purposes. The first priority should be given to the theme colors that are associated with your firm and have become an identity. Moreover, a perfect color combination should be considered for the background and to display the needed text over it.

Print your business slogans

Most businesses have to take part in different exhibitions and meetings. They use to circulate the printed business cards to the prospects who came into these exhibitions and meetings.

Choosing a box having your powerful business slogans printed over them can provide a lot of benefits. You can attract potential investors by doing so. This box will provide an extra benefit in the form of marketing along with proper stacking of cards. Utilizing attractive typography will even increase the charm of people interacting with them.

Customize to increase charisma

Customization can make these custom boxes more useful and effective to achieve extra benefits other than the desired goals. There is a lot of customization that can make it possible creatively. Customized window cut-out is such an option that makes it possible for clients to have a look at the inside place cards while having a discussion. They will ultimately demand one to be in contact with you. It helps you win a lot of customers in a short time. Similarly, foiling techniques also increase charisma. These were some best business card boxes tips that can help you improving them or getting new ones with all influencing attributes. People love such creativity and get impressed in a short time because of the quality in every aspect. These tips need just a bit of creativity to get the desired results.