Basic wardrobe for our moms: a selection from AliExpress

Dressed ourselves, men dressed, children dressed, and we need to dress our beloved mothers in fashion. ❤️

Girls, write in the comments how you have with this topic, help your mothers look young and modern?

Go shopping together - how do they listen?

This issue must be controlled, I guess.

Because at this age, one wrong step in choosing a wardrobe and 5-10 extra years is guaranteed.

I bring to your attention a selection of fall finds from AliExpress with the code name 50+.

Of course, all these things are suitable for girls and women of any age who love comfort and want to look stylish. By the way, the collection has a lot of things that are available in large sizes.

A few tips on how our moms should not add extra years and always look elegant:

✅Careful with bright colors, the ideal palette for our mothers is restrained colors.

✅No unnecessary details: the more concise the cut, the younger the image.

✅Pea is the most dangerous print for 50+. In general, you should be careful with prints; we don’t take flowers and patterns.

✅The optimal length of the skirt and dress is below the knee or midi. Not maxi and not mini.

✅Avoid black color near the face - each wrinkle framed by black will be twice as noticeable.

✅Minimum decor and accessories.

Let’s go! 🔥