Collar jacket from AliExpress πŸ”₯

Hi, beauties. Well, you already realized that I'm not an Ali-spammer. If I recommend something, then only a flamethrower. Decisively and irrevocably. Moreover, tested on myself.☝️☝️☝️

And shown in full details in my video reviews. After all, you want to be sure of your purchases, right?

And do not rush from one link to another. I'm not talking about quality - this is my top priority. And to overwhelm you with links to all nonsense - this is not my hobby.😜

Today on the agenda is a loose-fitting oblique collar jacket that drove me and everyone who has already seen and felt it crazy. 7 colors. Soft genuine leather.Β 

The off-line shop the price for such quality is at least 600$. On Ali, it costs 132$.

Here's the link: