June 17, 2021

Celeb Styling Secrets for Hair Extensions!

It will be a lie if you say you don't talk about celebrities with your friends! Honestly, we stalk them on Google and social media, trying to find out new things going on with them. Usually, women check them out to explore and rip their styling ideas. Stalking them is a good idea because it opens up our eyes to a true-trendy fashion. You come across gorgeous deep wave hair, curly hair, elegant braids, and a lot more. We get a lot of amazing tips and hacks from them. Though professional stylists are the ones that fuel up their amazing hair, celebs know about beauty and styling. They spend a lot of time in hair salons to get the best look! Black hair dominates a Black Women's society, and many African-American celebrities flaunt their black hair flawlessly. To acquire ideas, let's dive into celeb's secret for styling hair extensions!

1) Phoebe Robinson: Curly Hair

Phoebe Robinson In Curly Hair

Phoebe believes that the black community judge women on their hair; she says women should have their hair on point living in a Black Community. As a child, she often left her hair relaxed and sleek. Phoebe applied creamy substances and left them for a long time to get straight hair. She had to be careful after relaxing her hair; she used to carry an umbrella all the time if it rained and avoided sweating. She eventually chose to reclaim her power. When she relocated to New York for college, she stopped relaxing her hair and embraced the opportunity to change her look. She tried wearing afro-styles which didn't work for the first few times. Gradually, she was able to come up with fabulous styles.

2) Cipriana Quann In Her Silk Scarf !

Cipriana Quann In Her Silk Scarf !

Quann's hair is always in loose twists, no matter what style she wears, so she braids it into six or seven huge braids at night, using extra-virgin coconut and olive oil to coat the strands. She then ties a silk scarf around it. Overnight the silk scarf traps the oils, letting them infuse into her stands. So whenever she wakes up, she has gorgeous shiny hair.

3)Sanaa Lathan: Protect your Natural Hair at All Times

Sanaa Lathan Natural Hair

Sanaa Lathan advises you to choose a style that will protect your hair rather than ruin it if you have black hair. She claims that growing your hair can take up to five years, and breaking it all off can take just one flat iron.She says that as a woman who is often presented on TV, every celeb must be careful about the impressions they make. Her advice also applies to all women over the world. As a woman, hair is paramount not just for yourself but also to people around you. So, consider her advice and protect our hair at all times!

4) Cleo Wade: Braid Your Hair

‘Braid your hair after Shower’- Cleo Wade

After she showers, Cleo Wade's favorite curly hair method always works to braid her hair for a few hours before leaving the house. It aids in the retention of the conditioner's moisture. She claims that many of her friends use this trick to keep their hair nourished. You can also try on some good quality braiding hair extensions to get this look.

So, ladies these were some of the tips from our favorite celebs I hope you all will like them and will try on them too. I would also like to give on a pro tip in the end. If you want your hair extensions to last long and look flawless then you must invest in a high quality extension , which you can get at Indique hair as they got the best human hair extensions at the best prices! In my experience I bought passion twist hair from them and trust me ladies, those were flawless!

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