June 15, 2021

Top 5 Must Try Passion Twist Ideas For Summer 2021!

The summer this year calls for a look that channels the sunny vibe, and there's no better way than experimenting with the passion twist. Passion twists are the new form of two-strand twists done with real hair extensions to achieve a boho look with more texture. There are endless ways to flaunt your hair in a passion twist. You can choose from a variety of hair lengths and colors to create your desired look. We’ve compiled five passion twist inspo you’ll ever need for the summer this year:

1) Defined Edges 

Defined Edge Passion Twist Hair Look

For a passion twist with defined edges, you have to find a deep side part that you love and then push your passion twist to the side. The defined edge is all about giving your hairstyle a natural, relaxed look. This look works best with long bobs and shoulder-length hair. Finish up by taking a styling gel to work on the deep side edges. To achieve this look you can use freetress water wave hair !

2) Short Passion Twist Bob 

Short Bob Passion Twists

This two-strand style defines bob hairstyles beautifully. Layers cut throughout the hair make your hair thicker. To create this look, cut a small part of your extensions shorter and another part even shorter before adding them to your hair. This short passion twist look is ideal for the hot summer months, and it is low-maintenance.

3)  Half-Up Passion Twist 

Half Up Passion Twists

The half-up passion twist is effective and super cute, so why bother pulling all your hair into a full bun? The look is a modern take on the braided half-up hairstyle that was once a thing of the past.  If you want to add a slight slimming effect, leave a few pieces of twists to thin out your face effortlessly.  

4) Jumbo Passion Twist 

Jumbo Passion Twist Hair

Jumbo twists are one of the trendiest passion twists you can wear. Whether you want to sport a super long twist or keep it short to bob, the jumbo twist is an all-in-one bundle. Finish up the look by adding styling gel to lay the edges with a rat tail comb, and apply a bit of hairspray to give it some shine. Jumbo passion twists are convenient for any occasion, and the best part is that they require less upkeep because they are a style on their own. 

5)  Streaked Twists 

Streaked Passion Twist

Adding colors to your passion twist is a great way to give your passion twist a little transformation. Colors add dimension and depth to your hairstyle, and the hot summer daylight will bring out more color. A blend of peach and black will help you exude a warm tone, making it perfect for beachy-summer days. The diversity of passion twists is vast, and there are many styles you can rock that will be suitable for any occasion. Consider this protective style to answer the call for a little transformation as we move into the hot summer days.

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Watch this video to know more about passion twist hair !