Driving in Schools

Most of people, including me, support the idea that driving should be taught in public schools and special educational programs for children should be elaborated for this purpose. I would like to share my experience of driving.When I had started learning how to drive, I was just fourteen years old. I was inexperienced and did not have considerable awareness of aspects of driving which consist of not only the process of car steering but also traffic rules. In fact, my knowledge about driving consisted of my observations of what my father was doing while driving his car. Sometimes, my elder brother managed to steal my father’s car and took me for a ride. During such instants I could also notice some useful things about driving. However, one day my father decided that it was the time when I could start learning to drive. He gave me the detailed instructions and showed me what to do. Then he put me at the wheel and said, “Drive!”

Afterwards, I sensed a lot of different feelings and doubts. On the one hand, I was afraid that I could crush my father’s car and, on the other hand, I was unable to realize what I actually should do. I knew nothing about cars and driving as this knowledge was not given to me at school. However, if I had some basic knowledge, I would be more able to control myself as well as feel free and calm during my first driving experience. Therefore, I think it is necessary to include driving into school programs and establish it as a separate class in elementary schools. As I strongly believe, cars are an inalienable part of people’s life. In fact, cars are the most usable devices alongside cell phones and computers. The contemporary life is unimaginable without cars. Therefore, everybody should be taught at least the most essential elements of car driving.

From the very beginning of school education, children should be taught the fundamental principles of traffic rules similarly to teaching them the basics of computer using. Moreover, I think that undeveloped driving skills can be much more dangerous for people than the lack of computer usage skills as the car being conducted by a non-advanced driver may damage and even kill people. Therefore, it can be stated with certainty that driving should be studied at schools since the role of good understanding of principles of car driving and traffic rules is very significant in people’s daily life. Thus, it is crucial to increase children’s awareness and experience in driving by specially developed educational programs. Such programs are able to save the lives of many people in the streets who may become victims of children stealing cars of their parents for fun, but who are weak and inexperienced drivers. Therefore, with the purpose of teaching children driving, schools should organize specially equipped areas for practical training as well as engage teachers with good knowledge and experience in practical and theoretical fields. In addition, if driving lessons at schools are approved, it may positively impact the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. The reason is that there will appear the possibility to design special cars for children.

To summarize, I would like to argue that driving should be studied at the schools because children memorize information better than adults. Thus, having come of age, it will be easier for them to become good drivers. Moreover, it will prevent children from creating dangerous situations on the road and will promote the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. In addition, life is unpredictable and everything may happen; thus, who knows, perhaps developed driving skills of your child may save your life or become immensely helpful in other situations.

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