September 3, 2019


It is my first homework of English which i did(I hope in this moment). Yesterday was our first lesson, new teacher is student of NU with good knowledges of English. His relation to lesson is unusual. Instead of giving lot of papers and waiting our results he give us choice. For example, this writing task. Effectiveness to learning new words and development of grammar more. I am sure that here lot of mistakes, but after I will work on them(may be). I should work with myself, future results mostly depends on me. I think I can do this, to force myself to do something. I have 2 months to prepare IELTS. I hope I will achieve 5.5. It may look low, but it is enough to admission aimed university(KBTU TECH >4.5).

I didn't understand what is the topic.(ya dumal lybaia tema) All writing about reflection.

About reflection

I think it is opinion or idea which was created after any action, it is like analysis through your thoughts. You can did it anytime subconsciously, but you did it only for yourself to speak out and to ponder (porazmyshlyat).