December 12, 2020

What is Aluminum Profile?

Aluminum profiles are manufactured by taking advantage of the shaping feature of the aluminum mine, which is one of the most widely used mines in the world. At this stage, aluminum is first turned into a billet and then extruded into the aluminum profile in desired dimensions. The highest feature of these products, which have a large cross section, is the cross-section and aspect ratio. In aluminum profiles, the area of ​​the object is much smaller. In addition, aluminum profiles, which can be colored after the production stage, can thus be used in many places. import from Turkey.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Profiles?

The most important feature of aluminum, which is its main ingredient, is its lightness. This feature makes aluminum profiles use in many places. In addition, aluminum profiles are resistant to heat, cold, foodstuffs, liquids, and gases, and these products can be used in all conditions. Elastic and high-strength aluminum profiles provide great comfort both during production and use. Along with these, thanks to its reflection and coloring feature, a more attractive and durable product is used. In addition to all these features, sound insulation, easy installation feature, long service life, and quality are among the advantages of aluminum profile.

What are the Usage Areas of Aluminum Profile?

It is widely used in the construction industry, glass balcony systems, shutter production, stair frames, pool, stairs, balcony railings and steel frame doors.

What are the Types of Aluminum Profiles?

Thanks to the ionic bonds in its structure, an aluminum profile with high shaping properties can be found in many ways. These shapes vary depending on the place of use, the usage environment, and the frequency of use. But if we count the main aluminum profile types, these are; T profile, C profile, F profile, square edge profile, and tile profile are the main types of aluminum used.