December 1, 2019

Some Important Feng Shui Products

It can happen that you are trying to understand the world of Feng Shui but you are either getting stuck or all the information available to you may be too much information to take in all at once. Here is a list to get started on with some basic Feng Shui products ( that you will find useful if you are looking for a passageway into the world of Feng Shui. This is only to make you understand the uses of these products. You will have to decide for yourself which one's are the best suited for you. These are some of the most basic products that even Feng Shui consultants would recommend for some of the problems that you may be facing. 

These products have been used as accompaniments or mediums to clear out the energy flow that has either been blocked or space is occupied with negative energy. 

Mirrors: Where you keep a mirror has to be a careful decision, especially if you have mirrors in your bedroom. There are many aspects that come into place when it comes to this- what direction do you sleep, the direction in which the furniture is kept in, etc. Mirrors are a big passageway into the way in which you will receive energy. 

Fountains: Or the addition of anything based on water, like an aquarium is a great source of positive energy because water is associated with wealth. Therefore, when you add an element like that to create a good ambience for you to be in. 

Colour scheme: Something as basic as adding colour into the room you spend the most time in can also uplift your mood greatly. Even if it is the desk you work at, you can add personal memorabilia like photos with your friends and family. Or, you can just add a colourful decorative piece. Something small and simple. These are great mood up lifters. 

De-clutter: The aspect that Feng Shui is based on is de-cluttering. These changes will only show results if you live in a clutter-free and clean environment. It means that there is no unnecessary stuff lying around in a haphazard manner. This does have an impact on the energy flow or chi in the house or even the kind of energy you will receive. This creates a physical block for it. 

These were general starting points for you to begin your Feng Shui journey. This was just to give an idea of the kind of changes that Feng Shui allows you to make. These will become a lot more specific when you consult a Feng Shui consultant in Bangalore. They will be more directed towards the space you inhabit and the problems you face. It can be problems within the family, financial problems or anything else. These are directed towards making sure you have the right energy to deal with these problems. 

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