Complete information on Amazon Alexa setup

What is Alexa? What device is she compatible with? How do you set up Alexa to use it on your smartphone? And what features does she have?
Alexa is a voice assistant designed to make your everyday existence as effortless as possible. Perfect for all those, like us who are massively lazy. You can call her out by giving her a name, to which she’ll respond in fashion. These days every echo speaker comes with Alexa functionality built-in but you don’t have to buy amazon's own brand stuff in order to use Alexa.
How you actually set up Alexa is what people find complicated but it actually is a piece of cake. Just download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone which is completely free and you’ll find it in the app store if you use an iPhone or Google play store if you're an Android user.
If you download the app you have it signed in with the amazon account, in case you don’t have an Amazon account you have to sign up for an account. But once again it's quick, easy, and generally painless.

How to perform Amazon Alexa setup

1. Once you’re in, tap in the ‘menu’ and go down to the ‘settings' section.

2. Inside this menu, you will have full control over your Alexa settings. You can easily get new devices set up, just head to ‘device settings to begin.

3. Alternatively, tap the home icon at the bottom of the main app screen to jump straight to the device settings.

4. Inside this setting you’ll have all your Alexa compatible devices which you’ve already set up, just tap the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen and hit “add device” and get started.

5. Once you're paired up and ready for action you don’t need the app anymore. Alexa will work all by herself by taking the voice commands.

Where to Place your amazon alexa after the setup procedure

1. keep your Alexa away from room corners and concrete walls.

2. Try to put your Alexa device in the middle of your home or workplace in order to experience better quality.

3. Speak in clear language with your Alexa assistant.

4. keep your amazon alexa near to your router.

5. You can ask for the news, weather report, latest podcast, or to play music.

6. Try to keep your amazon alexa away from electronic devices like baby monitors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc as they interfere with the signals physically.

Amazon Alexa is one of the best virtual assistants in the market that is available in a lot of houses. Alexa devices manage the little stuff that helps their owner in daily life. like operating electronic devices like your television, electronic lights.


If you have any other issues regarding the amazon Alexa setup, let us know and we will try to assist you with the best information available. If you are unable to set up your Alexa virtual assistant, inform us and have a better experience.
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