December 6, 2019

Careprost : Lash Boost Serum

Careprost eye drops a drug commonly used to lower intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. High intraocular pressure is caused by fluid accumulation in the eye and can damage the optic nerve and lead to blindness.

How to Apply Careprost

The active ingredient in Careprost is bimatoprost, a synthetic analog of a natural chemical called prostaglandin. Prostaglandin is involved in eyelash growth, increasing the duration of the phase during which eyelash growth is active. This helps to make your eyelashes longer, darker and fill the holes caused by hypotrichosis.

Dosage and instructions

To use Careprost Eye Drops with maximum eyelash growth efficiency you need:

Use Careprost eye drops daily by applying the drug to the base of the upper eyelid. Do not use it on the lower eyelid. Before applying Careprost Eyelash, make sure your face is clean and have your contact lenses removed. To apply the drops, you will need special applicators sold in boxes of 30 pieces for a whole month. Make sure the brush is perfectly clean before using it to apply the drops, in case of contamination, the risk of infection is high. Apply a drop of Careprost eye drops to the applicator, then gently apply to the skin of the upper eyelid. If Careprost Eyelash Serum comes in contact with your eyes, they do not need to be rinsed, as they are not harmful.


Please note that treatment for eyelash growth requires seriousness. Results begin to appear after eight weeks of uninterrupted application and will be maximal after 16 to 20 weeks. After stopping the Careprost Eye Care Glaucoma Eye Drops treatment, the eyelashes can return to their natural state before surgery. Using a more massive dose of this medicine will not make it more effective. The intake should be regular, and the doctor's instructions should be followed. If you use the Super Lash Bimatoprost differently, and in more significant amounts than the doctor's prescription, you can make the treatment less effective in your eyelash growth goal.


The use of Bimatoprost Online is not recommended when wearing contact lenses, as components of the drug may be absorbed by the lenses. It is recommended to wait at least 15 to 20 minutes before putting the contact lenses back after applying the medication.

It is not recommended to use machines immediately after applying Bimat Bimatoprost, as your vision may be impaired and may cause accidents.

Side effects

The most common side effects are delusions, conjunctival hyperemia, discomfort, and tingling sensation in the eyelid, sensitivity to light, dizziness/headache, colds, and respiratory complications.

Drugs interactions

Careprost eye drops are known to interact with Latanoprost, but that does not mean that you do not want to talk to your doctor about any other type of medicine you use at the time of your visit.

Missed dose

If you miss a dose of Careprost eye drops, take it as soon as you remember, unless it is already time to take the next dose, in which case you should skip the missed dose. Never double the dose.


Overdose does not cause severe effects. If you suspect an overdose, you should visit your doctor.


You should keep your¬†Lumigan Eye Drops¬†in a cool place where the temperature remains below 25 ¬į C, being careful always to close it to avoid contamination. You must discard your¬†Careprost eye drops¬†four weeks after opening.


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