What Privilege You Get With Bridging Visa A

The Bridging Visa A is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia while your application for a new substantive visa gets processed. It enables an individual to stay in Australia lawfully until the new visa arrives or granted.

However, by holding Visa Subclass 010, an individual is not allowed to re-enter Australia if they make their exit from the region.

What Else This Bridging Visa A Allows You To Do?

With the visa 010, you are allowed to work in Australia so that no one faces financial related issues while waiting for the new substantive visa.

Remain in Australia legally until your substantive visa application is in process.

If you have applied for a judicial review then also you are allowed to remain in Australia until the final decision.

Limitations of Bridging visa A:

A) A person's current visa should have expired or about to expire.

B) A person must present in Australia.

C) A person should have a Medical certificate and character certificate as per Government standards.

Working In Australia With Visa 010:-

There might be a possibility that the bridging visa A (BVA) you are holding may have restrictions to work in Australia. So, in that case, one can surely apply for another bridging visa if they are in need to work. In order to get the BVA which enables you to work, you are required to exhibit that you really need to work to vagrant financial troubles.

Once you claim that you need to work and to do so you want a new bridging visa, The immigration team will analyze your circumstances and if they reach the decision that your reason is genuine then they will proceed with the working BVA. However, if the immigration department is not satisfied in kinship to your claim that you are required to work, then they will again grant visa 010 with the same working restriction condition.

Validity Period For Bridging A Subclass 010

The validity of the BVA end on:

After 35 Days:

a decision of refusal (either by the division or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)) corresponding to the related to your substantive visa application.

A conviction by the AAT, stating that your application for the substantive visa is invalid.

If you pull back your application of a substantive visa.

After 28 Days:

If the department chose to uphold the decision to refuse your application for a substantive visa.

When you drop out your application which was under judicial review.

Advantages of Bridging visa A:

A) This visa lets you work in Australia so a person doesn't face any financial issues.

B) This visa lets you legally live in Australia.

C) This visa lets you stay in Australia if his judicial review is under process.

Conditions For Bridging Visa 010

You must hold or have a substantive visa.

While applying for the bridging visa you should be in Australia.

There is no age bar to apply for visa 101.

You need to meet the medical and character test as per the guidelines set by the immigration department.

I hope I have covered all the relevant information. However, if you are on the off chance to apply for one then it is advisable to contact any MARA registered immigration agent Perth to process the application for a visa. They are trained professionals and will help you to grab the visa hassle-free.