March 17, 2020

Know The Complete Course Of Action For Visa Subclass 491

There are numbers of individuals whose career has been affected due to the scarcity of jobs despite having calibre. Here, visa subclass 491 helps you to grab the working opportunity in Australia. It allows you to live, study and work in Australia for 5 years. This visa is also a pathway for those candidates who wish to add international experience in their career.

Perks That Comes With The Australian Visa 491
1. You are allowed to study while working in Australia.

2. Can travel outside Australia for multiple times till the date Visa Subclass 491 is valid.

3. You can also apply for the permanent residence if you may fulfil all the eligibility criteria.

4. You can add your family members along with you while filing an application.

What Are 491 Visa Requirements?
1. To acquire this visa you need to have the knowledge of basic competent English Language.

2. The government has set a few guidelines for the health and character test that an individual is required to meet.

3. There should be no due from your end and if there is any then it is mandatory to pay it off.

Conditions That Make You Eligible For Visa 491
The subclass 491 is only granted to the candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria. Below mentioned are the factors that are considered for the eligibility.

1. You must be nominated to work by the state or territory government. Either must be sponsored by the eligible relative.

2. The job or occupation you are looking to apply for should be listed under the skilled occupation list.

3. You are required to obtain the passing score in the assessment of point test.
4. The family member who is sponsoring should be older than 18 years of age and is a resident of Australia’s designated regional area.

5. Your visa or visa application should not have been cancelled in the past.

6. Your age should be less than 45 years while applying for this visa.

How To Apply For 491 Visa Online? 1. First, you need to show your expression of interest for the visa “skillselect” account, to bring in the knowledge of the department that you want to apply for this visa.

2. Create your “ImmiAcount” or login if you already have one. Make sure login credentials should not be the same for ImmiAccount and skillselect account.

3. Once you login to your ”ImmiAccount”, you need to submit all the required documents.

4. Now, you will be asked to pay the visa application charges. Your visa application will not be processed until these charges are paid.

5. After making the payment, you will receive the transaction reference number.

Note: Keep a note of this transaction reference number for future. Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will receive the confirmation from the department that your application has been received. You can be in or outside Australia when the decision of the visa application is declared. To make sure that you process the application without making any flaws it is advisory to consult registered immigration agent Perth.