September 22, 2019


- Who taught you how to walk like that?
- I learned to walk as a baby, and I haven’t had a lesson since.

© Marilyn Monroe

It is safe to say that one of the first major achievements in nearly every person’s life is to gain the ability to walk. All children look up at adults with envy and want to walk just like their parents or loved ones. Even if a person is born without legs, the ability to maintain balance in an upright position and moving around from place to place is the primary task on the path to gaining independence and, as a result, self-confidence.

What joy children feel when they begin to take their first steps! They laugh, smile, and exult with happiness. It’s truly an amazing sight! A similar thing happens when a person, after having lost the ability to walk after an accident or injury, regains it once more.

I think each of us understands the value of a confident gait. Chest forward, buttocks out, and you suddenly turn from a miserable wretch into an alpha male or female. If this doesn’t mean anything you, then it's time to go to the mirror and say: “Bye-bye, you sad sack of crap,” and then give yourself a good smack in the face.

Most people have a confident gait growing up, but eventually lose it.

Why do we turn the “alpha” gait into something akin to a worm writhing through space?

I will not get into the medical jargon, but I will try to dig into the subject a little more fundamentally.

No matter how you try to level out your posture and attempt to make your gait look more confident, in just a few minutes, or maybe even seconds, it turns back to its previous state.

Why the hell does this happen?!It’s because you're still being the same sad sack of crap as before!

As soon as you stop focusing on your posture and your thoughts wander back into your usual worries and problems, the result is you turning back into a "moving worm".

The reason for this is all in our head. We are not confident in ourselves and this subconsciously affects our gait as soon as we relinquish conscious control over it.

Sounds like some nonsense... To raise self-confidence, you need to have a confident gait, but then when you form one, this confidence only lasts for a few minutes, so you need to do keep doing this all day in a never-ending cycle ...... until you lose your mind.

Not necessarily!

Let’s take out our mental shovel and dig deeper.

Confidence and a fierce gait most certainly manifest when you achieve something. After reaching a goal, you are proud of yourself and this inner feeling of contentment and joy enhances the way you walk. You don’t need to control this process, it all happens subconsciously. Your pride in an accomplishment grants you the necessary confidence.

But what do we do when a series of failures befalls us in life – one after the other, and there is no trace of confidence left? How can we even begin to talk about of a “winner’s gait”?

Again our shovel comes to the rescue. Let’s dig even deeper.I like to analyze statistics, and the statistics say that the most admired male part of the body, according to the opposite sex, is not the biceps, nor the chest; it’s the backside, namely buttocks or just buns, for short. Second place is taken by hard abs.

Yes, guys – we pump our guns or worry about their absence in vain.

And yes, girls, we like your eyes, your lips, your hair and blah blah blah, and we especially like the soul that is hidden behind the layers of triglycerides ...

Am I wrong in saying that the overwhelming number of men, right after seeing a girl that they’re interested in, immediately turn their heads in order to give her a final assessment? This maneuver is as true to life as you can get (remember how your man subconsciously turned around to another girl ... yes it was insulting, but this is exactly what I’m talking about).

This guy had no idea that he would become a meme superstar

Here's what we unearthed:

Buttocks - the most attractive part of the body for the opposite sex. Abs takes the second place in males, and in females – legs. Of course this doesn’t mean that everyone thinks this way, this is just the average opinion. There are also parts of your own body that you would like to make more attractive. For example, in men it could be biceps, and in women - a flat stomach. It is important to know this part of the body – the part that you would like to improve in yourself. After all, improving this will give you that sought-after confidence, and a winner’s gait will simply be a bonus.

No matter how much we would like to fool nature and ourselves along with it, when our body looks like a bag of fat and bones, or it blows away at the slightest breeze, there can be no talk of self-confidence and, consequently, a happy life. Yes, you can make some arbitrary amount of money, you may even become successful in business, but sooner or later this issue will become even more urgent than it is today, but by that time your health won’t be what it used to be. I don’t think I need to continue the logical chain to the fact that poor health doesn’t lead to success, achievements, happiness, or harmony.

Take care of your own body, first and foremost, if you actually decide to get out of the mess that you crawled into. You shouldn’t compare yourself to any stars or popular personalities; the standards that are instilled into us by Instagram-Shmeerstagram are all just an illusion. Some people have literally gone off the deep end, and live solely for the next Insta post. It may seem to you that they look perfect, but believe me – Photoshop and proper posing can make a model out of anyone.

In actuality it is only important for to compete with just one person on this planet – yourself.

Imagine (and some people don’t really need to imagine) that you are a girl who weighs 100 kg (220 lbs.) with a height of 160 cm (5’3”); you are clearly overweight. It is unlikely that your ideal figure would be achieved at 90 kg (200 lbs). But would you feel more confident if you dropped 10 kg (20 lbs)? Most definitely!

photo: chitalnya.ru/work/1976855/

You will begin to respect yourself more for having made this achievement. You will feel grateful to yourself and this feeling will give you the strength to move forward. You haven’t been satisfied with yourself for so long, and now, looking in the mirror, you see progress. This progress will extend to all aspects of your life: relatives and friends will give you compliments, you will be happy to update your wardrobe, you will have a positive outlook that helps you get a gain a better position at work or even change jobs to a higher-paying and more interesting one, and you will meet new people...

Doesn’t all of this sound wonderful?

And to think – your life will be transformed just because you decided to take care of your body.

Best regards, Amigo

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