July 13, 2020

Самостоятельность, учителя, обучение и тд

Self-education is a good skill that not everyone has and this is one of the main reasons why numerous students need a teacher to learn something. Nowadays many students resort to tutors.

First of all, I find I find teachers more experienced in something than us, children. While a child with little experience of life, let alone educational experience, will try to do something on their own,isn't it easier to ask a mentor to help and share their experience? So,I think that it’s good idea - to learn something with someone’s help. The majority of students don’t have so many time to do their ,for instance homework, and the key to solving this problem is a person who know about it more than you since if you have so much to do and you don’t understand how to do everything, - you really need to accept help from the outside.

I slightly agree that sometimes many of children have their own ideas, another worldview and these not fit in with what the teacher says. They prefer not to work in a team with someone and learn something by themselves, since it's easier for them. So, not every student has a lot of money to pay for them education and tutors. However, these student don’t lose heart and learn independence, trying to learn the material by themselves. In my opinion, if you really want to learn something,you will find all the ways.

In conclusion, I can say that each person learns new knowledge differently and not everyone needs someone's explanation: someone can learn something independently. But if you suddenly doubt that you can cope on your own, it is better to try to find a good teacher and ask for help.