Computerization is the beginning of new opportunities and a way to make your life easier, having access to a computer and other types of electronics is normal for the 21st century. Now even small children sit on computers from morning to evening playing various games,but whether they benefit from this we have not yet decided. However, many parents are often against such a pastime.

On the one hand,there are people who believe that computer games affect children's intuition in a good way. In other words, there are many games that can develop children's and adults ' logic, for instance, find ways out of some situations, learn to make quick decisions, and think in advance about your plans. Also, after coming home from school, many children need "brain unloading" and it is at this moment that many resort to computer games and Internet realities. In other words,it would seem that computer games also have a good effect on children's consciousness.

On the other hand, computer games often cause children's subconscious to be zombified: not all children cope with such a load on the brain,although they do not realize it. Now, in the age of new technologies, it is very difficult to maintain good vision, well,this means that computer games are harmful to vision at most. Also, children sit in front of a computer screen for hours and completely forget to say "stop" and switch to the real world.

I think adults have tried to get rid of the computer problem more than once. Currently, I think that children from an early age need to be explained that they should try to preserve their vision as much as possible for as long as possible. If we try to explain to children and teenagers that computer games do not always have a good effect on their psyche, performance and vision, they may understand the seriousness. Well, or we should replace computer games with board games, real ones. After all, every problem has a solution.

In conclusion, I can say that computer games aren’t evil, however we can’t call them a God's gifts.